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Attorney in Wilmington

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Dear Monica, I am writing to let you know that the sensitivity and professionalism with which the Law Offices of John T. Orcutt, in the Wilmington office, handled our case. To begin with, I was so embarrassed and distressed with our financial situation that I dreaded coming into your office. It's an odd feeling to have been a substantial wage-earner practically your whole life and then, in "the Golden Years" you are brought to your knees by health issues and other unanticipated hardships. At this time in our country, with so much changing, the future for us Baby Boom oldsters is particularly grim. (Well, that's the opinion I keep hearing from others in this age bubble; and I know it's true in our case.) I expected the whole procedure to be demeaning and heartless. Thankfully, due to you and your attorney in Wilmington, it was as pleasant as I could have hoped. (If "pleasant" is the right word?) You and the attorney both treated us with respect, compassion and kindness. You explained the whole process to us in simple, one-step-at-a-time terms. From the day we initially came into your office until we had our final day in court, the entire experience was initiated and concluded in just two months. What a relief! Although I am still not terribly proud of having taken these steps, I am totally grateful for you and your team. David and I would both give you a 10. I can not think of a single thing you-all could have done better. All indications point to a success with the program and we know -- should we come to any bumps in the road -- we can call Monica Barbour! Thank you, again, for everything. You are our Hero!!