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Before You Make A 'Debit' Card Payment

Before you make a payment, please read the Terms and Conditions below.

Make A Debit Card Payment Minimum Payment Required: $75

Terms and Conditions

(1) Debit card payments only. This screen is only to be used for making debit card payments. Most, if not all, debit cards contain the word "debit" on the face of the card.
(2) CAUTION: Clients must NOT make a payment using a credit (as opposed to a debit) card. Use of a credit card by a client (as opposed to a debit card) to make payment on a bankruptcy filing may be fraudulent.
(3) Payments on behalf of a client.  If you are NOT our client, it is O.K. for you to make a payment to our law firm on behalf of a client using a regular credit (as opposed to a debit) card.  


If you are not our client and want to make a credit card payment, please: click here to make a credit card payment

(4) The debit card must contain, on the face of the card, one of the following logos: Visa, Mastercard or American Express. Fortunately, this includes most Debit Cards. (We do NOT accept Discover.)
(5) Payments only for existing clients. This screen is only to be used for making payments by (or on behalf of) people who are already clients of our law firm. Making a payment on behalf of a person who is not a client of our law firm will not, by itself, create an attorney-client relationship.
(6) Office location required. We need to know the location of the branch office that the client is working through so that we can inform that office that a payment has been made on behalf of the client. If you are making a payment on behalf of a client, but do NOT know the office location, before you make a payment, please call the client to find out.
(7) Who is the client working with at our office?  After you pick the office, this question will appear.  If you know the answer, please pick the name from the list provided.  If you are making a payment on behalf of a client and do NOT know the answer, before you make a payment, please call the client to see if the client knows the name.  If the client does not know, just pick "unknown" and we will figure it out.
(8) Email confirmation of payment. On the next screen, you must provide your email address, if you want to receive a receipt for your payment.
(9) PLEASE IGNORE THE FOLLOWING NOTICE, IF YOU GET ONE LIKE THIS: Sometime after your online payment is processed, you may receive an email notice that reads as follows: 

Thank you for you online  order.  You order (order number) has been  shipped  from LAW OFFICES OF JOHN T. ORCUTT, PC." 

This automatically sent notice is meant to be further confirmation of your online payment.  Unfortunately, it reads incorrectly, and gives the incorrect impression that something else is going on, separate from or in addition to your online credit card payment.  We fully understand that if the credit card companies need to send out an additional notice, it should at least read correctly.  It should read "online payment" instead of "online order", and obviously, since there is nothing to ship, it should not give the false impression that something has been shipped. Behind the scenes, we are working to either correct or eliminate this incorrect and confusing notice.  In the meantime, if you get a notice to this effect, please ignore it, and know that there is nothing bad happening and nothing you need to worry about.  It's nothing more than an incorrectly worded notice that gives the wrong impression. 

Lastly, please accept our apology, in advance for any frustration or concern that this incorrect notice may cause.