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Bankruptcy Myth 12 Explained



Myth 12: If You File For Bankruptcy, It May Cause More Family Troubles and May Even Lead To Divorce.


The opposite it usually true.

Filing bankruptcy is not the problem. The problem is not being able to pay your bills and not being able to provide for your family. This is what causes the stress and anxiety to build and build.  

All good, honest, hard-working people feel a strong need to pay their bills, and not being able to do so causes them to feel tremendous stress.  Unless you do something to relieve this stress, it can quickly build to the breaking point…divorce.

Bankruptcy is designed to get you out from under the burden of debt, to protect your property, to lower your stress level and to let you…once again…sleep at night.  If your experience is like that of other couples, you will find that filing bankruptcy (and lowering the stress level) can be a crucial first step in bringing the love and caring…not to mention hope…back into your relationship.

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