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Bankruptcy Myth 6 Explained



Myth 6: Filing Bankruptcy Means You're a Bad Person.


Quite the contrary. Filing bankruptcy means you’re a good person, acting responsibly.

Everyone wants to pay their bills.  Everyone.  And everyone wants to take care of their family and provide their family with all the things they need.  But, if you can’t do both?  Which is more important?  Your family, of course.

Filing bankruptcy gets rid of certain debts.  Getting rid of certain debts frees up money to better take care of your family.  Freeing up money to better take care of your family lets you put thing back in their proper order: Family first.  Putting your family first is good and honorable and noble and doing so means you’re a good person.

There are good reasons why over 750,000 families file bankruptcy every year, and it's not because they’re bad people.  Lots of good, honest, hard-working people fall on hard times.  Job losses, medical difficulties, family emergencies, bad decisions, failed businesses, etc., are just a fact of life.  Let's face it, life can be brutal, and sometimes the money's just not there.  The bankruptcy laws were created with this in mind, to make sure that…if you need it…you and your family have a way to escape from the crushing burden of debt, to make sure that your family does come first, and so that you and your family can have a second chance at a "fresh start".

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