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Bankruptcy Myths Explained



Reflections: Understanding Myths AND The Tremendous Harm They Cause.

What if everything you’ve ever been told about bankruptcy is a wrong?

What if everything you have come to believe about bankruptcy is wrong?

Would you want to know?

What if filing bankruptcy is the absolute best thing in the world for you, your family, your future happiness and your future prosperity?

Wouldn’t you want to know?

It's no secret that our U.S. economy is in serious trouble.

What if filing bankruptcy is the only thing that is going to save you and your family when the economic "storm" hits, and hits hard?

Wouldn’t it be a shame if you didn’t find out the truth; and because you didn’t find out the truth, you never filed bankruptcy, and because you never filed bankruptcy, your family had to suffer for it…year in…year out?

All of us…every single one of us…make decisions, all day, every day, based on what we believe.  Think about it. Every decision we make…from the moment we get up, to the moment we lie back down…to do this, to not do that, to go here, to not go there, to like this, to not like that, etc., etc., is based on what we believe to be true about the world around us and how it works.  

What if the beliefs upon which we base our decisions are not true?

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