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Bankruptcy Myths: Make Sure You Know The Truth



Making sure you have the TRUTH is what the following information is all about.

It just makes me sick to see good, hard-working people make bad life decisions based on false information.  It makes me even sicker to hear about creditors who feed off these myths to keep good, honest, hard-working people, just like you, locked in debt and the pain and pressure that comes with it, stealing from you and your family the future happiness and prosperity you would surely have and rightly deserve.

I’m tired of seeing creditors using myths about bankruptcy to take advantage of people.  Somebody has to stop it, and that somebody is me.

The first step is to bust through to the truth behind the myths.

Busting through to the truth behind the myths takes away the power of the myth as one of your guiding beliefs.  Then, with the truth in hand, you can make better decision.  Better decisions makes for better results.  Better results makes for a better life.

Maybe filing bankruptcy is right for you. Maybe not.   

But, you will never know if you just keep on falling prey to the garbage information you have always been told about bankruptcy, if you keep falling prey to the many myths about bankruptcy.  

Myths about bankruptcy keep you locked in debt.   

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