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Finally: "$0 Money-Down" Bankruptcy


Need to file bankruptcy or think you might? Then, you will be interested in this. The Law Offices of John T. Orcutt is offering to get people filed for "$0 Money Down". That's right, "$0 Money-Down". No upfront fees. No upfront costs. Just for the record, this is not a loan and "no credit is needed" because this plan pulls on the power of Chapter 13 of the U.S. Federal Bankruptcy Code. Chapter 13 is one of the 2 major chapters of the Bankruptcy Code under which most consumers generally file. If filing bankruptcy is right for you and if you qualify for "$0 Money-Down" (and lots of people can), you can get your bankruptcy case filed for "$0 Money-Down". As far as Attorney John Orcutt can determine, his law firm is the only bankruptcy law firm in the entire United States to offer this type of plan, and perhaps the first law firm in history to do so. Many, if not most, attorneys require some or all of their attorney fees "up front", along with all the costs involved. These fees and costs can be a significant barrier to filing for people who need to the kind of help that only filing bankruptcy can provide...but who are strapped for cash. With "$0 Money-Down", Attorney Orcutt provides a solution. Attorney Orcutt requires no "up-front" attorney fees or "up-front" costs. How is this possible? Because, under the "$0 Money-Down" plan, Attorney Orcutt "fronts" the "up-front" costs on your behalf. What does this mean? It means that he pays these costs for you. He pays them out of his own pocket. They do get added into your Chapter 13 plan for reimbursement, but paying them back is easy once you get financial monkey off your back. The bankruptcy laws get rid of some debts and lowers payments on others. That's the key. For many people, filing bankruptcy means they can get rid of, and never have to pay back, thousands or tens of thousands in debt. If you can get this kind of benefit, paying Attorney Orcutt back a mere $320 or so in costs he advanced will likely seem like nothing. And, in the meantime, you get the help you need and the protection you deserve. And, that's important because getting the help and relief you need is the first step in getting the "fresh start" you need to get back on your feet again. But, the real secret is, first and foremost, to get your case filed. All the good intentions in the world in no substitute for getting the full weight of the U.S. Federal Bankruptcy laws on your side. In Attorney Orcutt's experience, most people, who can't pay all their bills, have a tendency to never to see a bankruptcy attorney. Why? Because, they think, the cost of hiring an attorney will only add to their financial problems. In many "non-bankruptcy" law situations, this may be true, but not with respect to a bankruptcy attorney. For example, Attorney Orcutt offers a FREE initial consultation, and now, even better, the chance for you to get your bankruptcy case filed for "0 Money-Down". And, if people never, ever go see a bankruptcy attorney, they never find out how bankruptcy really works; and they never get a chance to find out all the amazing results that can be achieved by filing bankruptcy, and never get that "fresh start". "$0 Money-Down" is designed to help solve this problem, once and for all. Hopefully, knowing that the initial consultation is FREE and that, if filing bankruptcy is right for you, you may well be able to get your case filed for "$0 Money-Down", you will want to immediately pick up the phone and get the process started. Having picked up the phone and made an appointment, you can rest assured that you have at least put yourself in the position to find out the truth and how all this bankruptcy stuff really works....and, at the same time, find out ALL your options, bankruptcy and otherwise. And, at your FREE appointment, one of the things you will find out is this. With or without "$0 Money-Down", filing bankruptcy doesn't cost more. It "costs less". Very simply, the bankruptcy laws are designed to get people out of debt, not deeper in debt. Think about it. Why would anyone ever file bankruptcy if doing so did not make their situation better? The bottom line is this: Under Orcutt's "$0 Money-Down" plan, there is no money required "up-front" in order to get filed in bankruptcy. Hopefully, Orcutt says, this will eliminate the financial burden and worry of how to come up with the money to get access to the kind of help that only filing bankruptcy can provide, along with the misconception that hiring an attorney will cost even more. Once again, the secret of "$0 Money-Down" lies in the fact that Attorney Orcutt requires no "up-front" attorney fees, and, because he "fronts" (which means he pays them for you) the "up-front costs for you, no "up-front" costs. At least for the next month, as part of the "$0 Money-Down" program, Attorney Orcutt is agreeing to pay those costs out of his own pocket. His hope is that this will open the door to bankruptcy help for more people, especially those, in this horrific economy, strapped for cash. Those costs will get added to and factored into the your Chapter 13 plan, but this is a small price to pay to get access to the power of the bankruptcy law (backed by the full weight of the U.S. Government) and, in turn, access to what Orcutt refers to as "the amazing benefits" of bankruptcy. Benefits, Attorney Orcutt refers to as "the biggest secrets hidden in plain sight". Assuming the filing bankruptcy is right for you, here are the qualifications for "$0 Money-Down": (1) Just like everyone else, you must be able to afford the required Chapter 13 plan payment; (2) You must not be more than 6 months behind on the mortgage on any real property you want to keep; (3) You must not have more than $2,000 in cash, stocks, bonds, bank accounts or other easily-to-reach assets. Why? Because "$0 Money-Down" is designed to help people who can't even afford to come up with the "up-front" money to get filed; (4) You do not owe the Law Offices of John Orcutt any money on a prior bankruptcy case. Think you may need to file bankruptcy anyway? Then, why not "$0 Money-Down"? Need to file bankruptcy, or think you might? Call today and set up a totally FREE, confidential and completely "no-strings-attached" initial consultation. Find out, for yourself: (1) all your options, bankruptcy and otherwise, (2) how bankruptcy really works, and (3) what filing bankruptcy can do you. These are tough times and it only makes sense to find out ALL your options, bankruptcy and otherwise. Attorney Orcutt can help. Just call toll free to +1-919-646-2654, and when you do, tell his staff that you want to find out about the new "$0 Money-Down" bankruptcy program. Want to find out more, right now, about "$0 Money-Down"? You can. Just visit Attorney Orcutt's website at Disclaimer: "$0 Money-Down" is only available to the clients of the Law Offices of John Orcutt. You must be a resident of Eastern or Middle Districts of North Carolina. 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