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A Second Look at Budget-Friendly Summer Travel


If you’re currently in bankruptcy or considering the benefits a bankruptcy can provide, you might be wondering about budget-conscious ways to truly get-away this summer, without, that is, wearing a complete hole in your wallet. But with gas prices on the rise and high unemployment holding steady, the prospects of seasonal vacation may not seem possible.

Nevetheless, while expenditures on luxuries are not recommended for the bankruptcy-bound, there are some financially-friendly ways to take a trip without “breaking the bank,” including the best places to go, the best ways to get there, and the top ways to make the most of limited budgets.

Organize your trip around a “gas limit”

With unrest in the Middle East making oil an expensive commodity, gas to travel is at a premium. Therefore, budget-conscious travelers would do well to set a “gas limit”—determining how much they are willing to spend on fuel and therefore confining their travel to that distance from home. With a little planning, many folks, especially those living in the variety vacationland of North Carolina, can get to the mountains or the coast with little more than a couple of tanks of petrol. And keep in mind that setting your sights on visiting nearby attractions cannot only be affordable, but educational.

Save on the shelter

It is well known that, in addition to gas, lodging can be one of the most expensive parts of any vacation. As a result, many recommend removing the “lodge” from lodging altogether, by instead opting to camp your way across your trip. These rustic rest stops allow you to also save money on eating out, by allowing for more meals by the campfire, while also exposing your family to the wonders of the natural world.

Favorite places with the best prices

The free national monuments and walking tours of our nation’s capital, as well as the beauty and budget-friendliness of the country’s national parks rank highly in many a cash-conscious travel guide. And with an Annual Passport for the latter getting you into any park, all year long, for just $80, this type of park tour may be one of the cheapest options for those average Americans looking for cross-country fun at a low cost.

Look for (only) the bare necessities

Following the wake-up call of the last Great Recesssion, many people are looking to ways to avoid excess expenses on their travels. For example, some get around exorbitant gas prices by using public transportation when travelling, driving the speed limit to save on petrol, or even avoid driving altogether by taking all-encompassing cruises to the destination of their choice. Others save on food by staying in hotels that offer free meals, or bringing along snacks to tide you over until the next big meal.

Travel without credit

If you’ve recently filed for bankruptcy or simply tryng to overcome your personal credit crunch, you may be wondering how you can possibly enjoy a little rest and relaxation on a vacation without the crutch of credit cards. While it may sound hard to believe, it’s actually relatively easy to travel without credit with many hotels, motels, airlines and car rental agencies offering “creditless options,” for consumers on a budget. Just plan ahead and

Pick your hotel and car rental and ask for options with “creditless travel;” book your plane tickets through debit, electronic check transfers, or both through the airline or a travel agent; and pack any cash you do take in the form of traveler’s checks—assuring a safe, hassle-free and not to mention financially freeing vacation!



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