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Americans Vote to Help the Unemployed


Everywhere you look it seems there are people affected by Congress’s failure to authorize and extend unemployment benefits to jobless Americans. And everywhere you turn there are reports of politicians accusing laid-off laborers of resting on their laurels and depending on these federal same governmental subsidies instead of following through with their job searches. As a result, millions of unemployed workers might be wondering how to pay their debts as Congress tries to trim the deficit during an election year.

Despite Congress’s current apathy to the plight of the unemployed, voters appear to be feeling much more sympathetic as illustrated by two national polls (ABC News and CBS News) released just this week showing that registered voters believe it to be more important to help the unemployed than to reduce the national debt.

More than half of voters (52%) participating in the CBS News poll said that Congress should extend unemployment benefits "even if it means increasing the budget deficit.” A greater margin (62%) of registered voters told ABC that Congress should extend benefits despite concerns that doing so "adds too much to the federal budget deficit."

According to The Huffington Post, “During the past several weeks, Democrats in the Senate have been unable to muster the 60 votes they need to break a Republican filibuster, failing by just one vote in the most recent attempt. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said Wednesday that Democrats will try again on Tuesday, after the swearing-in of a replacement for the late Sen. Robert Byrd (D-W.Va.). The poll results suggest that most voters agree with economist Mark Zandi, a former adviser to Sen. John McCain, who has argued that helping the unemployed is more important than deficit reduction in the short-term, and that nickel-and-diming the unemployed now could jeopardize the economic recovery.”

Are you personally feeling nickel and dimed during this tough economic time? Are you out of work and looking for a way to make ends meet despite a devastating amount of debt? Well, instead of hoping that the halls of Congress will provide a much-needed monetary lifeline, it might be time to take your economic matters into your own hands and join the hundreds of thousands of people who have already found financial relief in Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy this year.

By discharging personal debt through bankruptcy you could solve many of your most pressing financial problems—problems that are an ever-present worry for so many jobless Americans, including those facing months and even years without a steady income and no federal assistance in sight.

A personal bankruptcy through Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy will automatically stay creditor action and harassment, including those annoying collection letters, phone calls and repossessions; as well as dispense with much, if not all, of your secured and unsecured debt, either via an exchange of collateral, property or other assets, or through a personally-tailored repayment plan.

It’s your choice: cast your vote for a better tomorrow. Help yourself with a fresh financial start through bankruptcy.

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