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Bankruptcy can be first step toward financial wisdom


After living with the stress of debt for a while, it's very possible to become accustomed to it. Maybe you think that financially, things are just always going to be that way. "I'll owe more than I make and somehow, I'll just manage to get by every month." Serious debt is an emotionally trying and socially problematic complication of life and unfortunately, almost like an illness, many of us learn to accept the pain and find a way to live.

But it simply doesn't have to be that way.

Living with the sleepless nights and monthly frustrations of just scraping by is not your lot in life. You deserve to rise above it, and bankruptcy can make that happen. A healthy financial management tool, bankruptcy can cure your financial ailments and offer you the chance to start things over. And when you make that decision, you'll begin to realize how stable your life can be without creditors being a part of it. You will also learn how to spend wisely and that true wealth is relative.

As you begin to consider the many benefits to bankruptcy, start to reflect on what habits contributed to your financial situation. More importantly, take action to correct those habits. Ask yourself, "What in my life is really necessary?" From people to junk, look around your house and social circle and assign a value to everything and everyone around you, because if it's in your life now, it had a role in your current situation. Do you have friends that, maybe innocently, convince you to buy things you do not really need? Are there items in the closet that looked great in the store but still have tags? Cleanse yourself of things that equate to your debt, mentally and physically. The process of minimalizing can be a great step toward mental comfort because as the saying goes, "the more you have, the more you have to lose." Sell, donate or throw away things you don't use. Be brutal about it.

This de-cluttering process may even mean forgiving debts owed to you. It's very possible money you have lent is a direct contributor to you filing bankruptcy. If so, let it go. It is only perpetuating your concern about money. Let whom ever owes you out of their obligation. Free yourself of seeking money owed to you and think only about changing your situation. Again, if that money helped create your position, eliminating its role in your life will only help you move forward.

A substantial portion of financial wisdom comes from self-discipline. Thus, try to stop concerning yourself with money; don't let it be all encompassing. Even years after your bankruptcy, keep your income, financial prosperity and approach to handling money private. Don't brag about windfalls, a good salary or a successful investment. Always be above it. Understand too, that people who always talk about their money, are usually those who don't have any.

Consider bankruptcy as a way of finally taking control. All the bills, phone calls, late notices and empty checking accounts are things you think you can't control. They have power over you. But you can seize that power and be the one to take charge. That is what bankruptcy is all about.

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