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Consider Turning a Tax Refund into a Bankruptcy


It may seem strange, the whole prospect of turning a timely tax return into a bankruptcy, but in a nation currently dealing with a healthy debt load, the whole idea that half of Americans get some form or return, comes at a good time for those looking to pay down those debts, or, better yet, find a longer-term solution for their cash-strapped situation.

And so, with tax deadlines just around the corner, and with millions of people just like you expecting returns, if not significant refunds averaging several thousand dollars, some of you may consider using this money for luxury items or a start on a pretty, new car. Others may want to send some to the credit card companies, going along with the national trend to pay down debt and/or save more. But if you’re in significant debt, like so many average Americans in these rough and tumble economic times, it’s worth taking a long hard look at putting that sudden influx of cash to better use—easing your financial situation and erasing your debt permanently by going ahead and paying for a bankruptcy.

Here are a few warning signs that you should use your tax refund for the benefits of bankruptcy:

You’re Among the Long-Term Unemployed
At last check, unemployment rates were still high and some six million people had been out of work for more than a year.  If you were able to scrape up some income and/or deductions and you’ve among those receiving refunds this year, it might be best to use that cash to begin a bankruptcy filing. Unemployment is the primary reason that many Americans file for bankruptcy; and your tax refund is just the infusion of capital you need to hire a competent bankruptcy lawyer to help you on a path to a better financial future.

Unable to Make the Minimums
As mentioned, more and more people are already using their tax refunds to pay off debt. However, if you are currently unable to make the minimum monthly payment on your credit card or cards, or are behind on your credit card payments, chances are you’re better off taking the power out of your plastic and instead putting that money into a better bankruptcy filing. Your tax refund is the best way to seize the opportunity to protect your assets before credit card companies can seize your property.

You Need to Cut Short a Creditor Lawsuit
If you already find yourself embroiled in a case with a creditor, your tax refund-sponsored bankruptcy can prevent them from seizing current and future property.  Once you file, bankruptcy’s “automatic stay” forces your creditors to cease harassments and other collection actions against you—all because of tax time’s annual cash infusion.

REMEMBER: Short-term cash flow isn’t always enough to garner the peace of mind of erasing all of your debt. During these “taxing times, you’re better off using your tax return for a long-term solution in bankruptcy—discharging debts and putting you on the course to a real financial recovery.

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