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Continue honoring our planet by saving some green



In April, the world celebrated the 41st anniversary of Earth Day with global conservation efforts of all sorts culminating in A Billion Acts of Green®. But in these tough economic times, one of the toughest things to conserve just happens to be green: money. Fortunately, there are a slew of ways to save some cash while you’re also saving the environment.

We know what you’re thinking. Yes, while you can ultimately save on energy costs with many green goods, it often comes at a major upfront cost. Compact fluorescent light bulbs, a more efficient dishwasher, a professional home energy audit, an entire home energy monitor or hybrid vehicle can mean shelling out some major green in order to ultimately save some.

But here are a few more painless tips from our friends at that can help you save almost $1000 bucks before the next Earth Day rolls around.

Hanging It All Out to Dry
According to the U.S. Department of Energy, with the exception of your refrigerator, there’s no greater appliance that sucks up more energy in your home than your dryer. By simply hanging your clothes to dry outside instead of using this household energy hog, you can easily save money on utilities ( n average, $70 per year) while also extending the life of your clothes.

Eat Greener
Eating less meat and instead buying fruits and veggies can also save you big bucks. In fact, according to’s findings from the USDA, “the weighted average price for all fresh fruit is 71 cents per pound; that averages out to about 18 cents per serving, and almost two-thirds of the fresh fruits, 16 out of 25, cost 25 cents or less per serving.  The weighted average price for all fresh vegetables was 64 cents per pound, which averages to 12 cents per serving. Contrast that with the average price per pound of beef, which, in October 2007, was $4.15 per pound; the average price per pound for pork was $2.93.” As a result, buying more vegetables and fruits and cutting back on pricey proteins can save you $100 per person in your household each year.

Keep Temperatures Under Control
By following Energy Star's tips you can save almost $200 annually by simply regulating temperatures when you're awake and asleep, as well as your settings for summer and winter – so you can remain comfortable while also enjoying some extra cool cash as early as this summer.

Work it Out To Stay In
By working four ten-hour days, instead of the normal five-day work week, you can cut costs by more than $500 a year. How? Because you’ll not only save on commuting costs, including the high cost of gas, but also expenses associated with your morning coffee, lunch, and any other daily expenses you incur just by heading in to the office.

Walk or bike on one trip that's two miles round-trip per week
According to, “40 percent of urban travel in the U.S. is two miles per trip (or less), so hop on your bike (or take a walk) once a week, save some wear and tear (and gas) on your car, get a little fresh air, and save some bucks.” Remarkably, the annual savings for this short, weekly walk or ride is more than $50. Imagine what you can do if you walked or rode more?

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