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Getting Into Debt


Life happens. If you're like many of us, you're going to encounter your share of financial ups and downs. You're treading water, financially, making enough to get by but not enough to get ahead. And then, wham, something extraordinary happens to upset the financial balance in your life, and you find yourself rapidly piling up debt.

Maybe you had a run of bad luck at your job, didn't get the bonus you were expecting, or maybe you didn't get the tax refund you were counting on to 'catch-up'. You end up using high interest credit or paycheck advance services to cover your current bills, hoping something will come along to make it up on the other end.

However, in today's economy, many people like you don't have something coming in at the other end. In fact, many folks find out that the money shuffle simply leaves them further and further behind, piling up debt on credit cards and at high-interest payday loan stores, in a cycle that seems impossible to break. You can feel your financial health slipping away, and there doesn't seem to be anything you can do stop the skid.

You're like most people when it comes to the term 'bankruptcy'. It seems final, like a defeat, a loss, tossing in the towel. Many people would only consider going bankrupt as a last resort, after there's nothing left. However, you may be surprised to learn how much a properly executed bankruptcy can give you in terms of a new start in your personal financial life. It's a great chance to break the debt cycle and start clean, for you and your family.

With the advice of a good bankruptcy attorney, you'll find that you can negotiate these troubled waters successfully and wipe your debt slate clean, leaving you ready to resume your life, provide for your family and prepare to start your next financial venture on a solid foundation.

Take a look at these simple examples and see if they happen in your life day to day. If they do, a professional bankruptcy attorney may be able to help you get that clean break you deserve, backed by the strength of our federal bankruptcy laws.

Do you:

  • Live paycheck to paycheck?
  • Have multiple credit cards?
  • Move money around from account to account to cover debt?
  • Pay only your minimum amount due?
  • Pay debt out of savings since your earnings are exhausted?

If you can say yes to the statements above, or similar conditions, you may be a candidate for bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy remains a viable option. Discussing your situation with a qualified bankruptcy attorney will help you make that decision wisely and in a timely manner. Remember, you aren't alone and bankruptcy law is there to help people in your situation get that fresh start that we all deserve.

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