How To Keep Your Car From Repossession and Lower Your Payments.

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How To Keep Your Car From Repossession and Lower Your Payments.



Want to keep your car or truck, stop the repo man, and pay less...sometimes a lot less?

Right now, there are some 7 million Americans living in fear that their car or truck will be lost to the repo man.

Why? Because they know that only bad things happen when you lose your car or truck.

No car, no way to work.

No work, no income.

No money.

No get the point.

And that doesn’t even begin to take into account the resulting lawsuits, judgments and nasty creditor calls.

Lose your vehicle and life quickly goes into a downward spiral.


So, what can you do?

In most cases, the best answer, sometimes the only answer, is to, as quick as you can, get to an experienced bankruptcy attorney and file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy case.

Doing so puts the powerful and beautiful Federal Bankruptcy laws to work for you.

Why beautiful? Because a Chapter 13 bankruptcy is so powerful and does so much for you, it’s just beautiful

How can Chapter 13 help?


Stop The Repo Man

The minute you file bankruptcy, a court order is automatically issued telling ALL your creditors to stop and back off, including the Repo Man.

It works so good and so well, you’ll think it’s magic.

Stopping the Repo Man stops the repossession of your car or truck.


But what if the Repo Man has already take my car or truck?

Don’t give us hope. If the repo just happened, say in the last week or so, there is still a good chance you can get your vehicle back.

Here in North Carolina we get cars and trucks back all the time.

There is a short window after the repo man comes and before the repo man sells your vehicle. File bankruptcy during this window and, likely, we can get your vehicle back. We do it all the time. But, you have to act quick.

But there’s more. File bankruptcy and likely, we can:


Spread out your payments and lower your interest rate:

Chapter 13 does a lot more than helping you to keep your car or truck.

Under the law of bankruptcy, you have the right to, in most cases, inside your bankruptcy, “refinance” your vehicle loan, lower your interest rate and spread out your payments.

Say you have 48 months left on a vehicle loan at some high interest rate, like 12%, 20% or even higher. We can us the bankruptcy law to lower your interest rate to something like 6% and to spread out your payments over 60 months.

How cool is that? You keep your car and truck and get a better payment.

And, there’s more.


Want to lower the amount due on your vehicle loan?

If your vehicle loan is at least 2 ½ years old and, like most people, you owe more on the vehicle than it is worth, likely, we can do 3 things:

$ Lower your interest rate to about 6%

$ Stretch out your payments to 60 months

$ And reduce the amount you owe to equal the value of the vehicle.

How cool is that?

In bankruptcy terms, that’s called “cram down”.

And, that’s not all.


The extra, automatic, benefits of filing bankruptcy:

You may come to us to save your car or truck. But when you do, you get a lot of extras. Likely, if you are behind on your car or truck, you owe other debts too. Right?

Bankruptcy does a lot more than just help you keep your car or truck.

If you file bankruptcy, bankruptcy automatically gets rid of a lot of debt.

In fact, getting rid of debt is what bankruptcy does best, debts like:

$ Credit cards

$ Medical bills

$ Personal loans

$ Mortgage deficiencies

$ Old income taxes

$ Old repo debts

$ Etc.

Just think of how much better off you would be with all or most of these debts gone, finally and forever.

Let’s call it what it is: Forgiveness of debts using the powerful and beautiful Federal Bankruptcy laws.

So, Chapter 13 bankruptcy can not only help you keep your car or truck. It can also get rid of a lot of debt, hopefully so much that you can get back to living on your income and enjoying a second chance at a fresh just filing bankruptcy.

But there’s more.


Want a higher credit score?

Want to rebuild your credit score to 720 or even higher?

Bankruptcy helps with that too. Want to know how?

The big thing that knocks down your credit score is not paying your bills on-time.

If bankruptcy gets rid of enough bills and debts, hopefully you can get back to paying the rest of your bills on-time.

Any paying your bills on-time is the first step in rebuilding your credit score to 720 or even higher.


Want to stop the repo man, refinance your vehicle, get rid of debts and start rebuiding your credit score?

Call an experienced bankruptcy attorney.

In North Carolina, call us, the Law Offices of John T. Orcutt.


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