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Labor Day Travel Plans Labored by Economic Realities


Remember when Labor Day used to mark the last three-day weekend for waning summer fun and frivolity?

Well fast forward to September 2011 when Labor Day weekend arrives on the heels of disheartening fiscal news that the American economy added no jobs during the month of August (you read that correctly: none, zero, zilch), signifying to financial commentators and economic experts alike that the slow and steady economic recovery appears to be furiously losing steam.

Add to these facts that consumer confidence recently dropped almost 15 points to the lowest level since April 2009, and you might gather that these combined economic impacts would affect the way that average people plan to spend one of season’s best (and brightest) holiday weekends.

Well according to an infographic by Visible Technologies (via The Atlantic), average Americans are still taking to the skies this year, with airline ticket sales remaining steady due in part perhaps to a constant array of choices in low-cost airlines. As a result, the majority of Labor Day vacation-takers are taking off to sight-see and take in the great outdoors on the low-cost campsite this weekend.

How about you? How has the country’s recent economic uncertainty impacted your vacation plans this holiday weekend?

I imagine many of you could forget about driving very far (nor fast) this holiday season. With gas prices well over $3 this weekend, for every $10 the typical household earns before taxes, almost a full dollar now goes toward gas, a 40 percent bigger bite than normal. In fact, earlier this summer when gas prices pushed $4, households spent an average of $369 on gas last month. In April 2009, they spent just $201. Families now spend more filling up the tanks than they spend on cars, clothes or even recreational activities like those many are trying to take part in this Labor Day. Last year, they spent less on gasoline than each of those things—illustrating a 2011 trend we’d all like to take a vacation from.

These pumped up fuel prices hit especially close to home for many families already reeling from the current economic sputter. And even with more and more companies trying to hire back American workers, average citizens here at home are not receiving the raises in income they would need to keep up with this summery rise in fuel costs. Like so many scenarios in the new economy, this latest bite into a family’s budgetary pie can mean “going without” or, worse, “getting behind,” especially when it comes to efforts to take a holiday every once and awhile.

In these rough and tumble tough economic times, wherein rising oil rates are exacerbating other economic pressures on already beleaguered budgets, it may be time to turn to a more definitive option: taking a much-needed vacation from high debt and other economic pressures through the safe havens of a personal bankruptcy.

If you have been affected by the economy, the housing market, or even troubles with your gas tank, and are wondering how to get back on track, knowing a qualified bankruptcy attorney can also help you face your financial fears, yielding the right kinds of support, information and insights—at a low cost— for a viable and secure future beyond the latest global oil crisis.

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