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Making the Best of Black Friday


It’s that time of year again: we’re heading into the holidays with Thanksgiving as the first great meal marker on the road to a season normally full of spending. Every November in the United States, Americans sit down at their dinner tables on the fourth Thursday of the month to give thanks for the all the things they’re grateful for that year. But, the following day, we shop.

Still stuffed to the gills with turkey, mashed potatoes and pies, we tend to turn (however slowly) to the full-blown holiday season, heading to malls, stores, and outlets to get ready for gifting. We traditionally shop so much for presents on what’s normally an extra day off, that the day after Thanksgiving is now when major retailers go from negative earnings to a profit. As such, retailers "enter" the black. And as a reward for this seasonal customer loyalty, retailers pass along some of these hard-earned profits to shoppers on this day after Thanksgiving (now known unceremoniously known as “Black Friday”).

Yet, coming off this massive economic downturn, retailers are starting even earlier to promote this annual season of sales, competing even now with advertising and messaging meant to coax shoppers into their stores over another. Like earlier seasons, the deals will be plentiful; however unlike the past couple of years, shoppers may be too: with many Americans rebounding in the recent recovery and showing the propensity to spend again.

But with extreme deals come trumped-up offers, with the best bargains in the shortest supply. So, if you’re at a stage to start spending again, the insider’s at WalletPop are providing a special look at snagging the discounts of the season. Here’s some of their top picks:

Mark Your TARGET
If toys and electronics are your target this season, head to this national retailer for some of the best deals around. From 40-inch HDTVs for under $300 to low-cost NERF products for every nice boy and girl on your list, TARGET’s advertising is attempting to hit the mark with conscientious consumers.
KOHL’s in Your Stocking
This national chain will open at 3 AM on the [technical] eve of Black Friday to get a first crack at the crowd clamoring for 400 early bird specials and “$10 Kohl's cash back for every $50 spent.”

SEARS in Your Mind
Focusing on its historically strong sellers—tools, electronics, home goods and major appliances—SEARS is offering “don’t-miss” 599 doorbuster deals on everything from drills to diamonds.

Point Your Parade at Macy’s
Like KOHL’s, Macy’s is striking out early, opening at 4 AM for shoppers chomping at the bit for Black Friday discounts on apparel, jewelry, outerwear and home goods, including rebate offers on electric appliances for the kitchen.

EXPRESS Yourself
This clothing retailer is going outside of the box to attract shoppers away from big-box stores and to their specialty apparel with two simple deals: 40% off everything in store or online before noon on Black Friday, and 30% off after that time.
Find Low Prices at LOWES
LOWES will extend its Black Friday deals for the duration of the four-day weekend, allowing the home improvement store to compete with more traditional retailers by offering its plentiful gift items for less than $10 include work hats, tape measurers and small appliances.
For deals on portable devices, HDTVs and new video game boxes from Sony and Xbox, shopping this national electronics chain is a great bet.

Save Your Pennies at JCPENNY

Like a few other retailers, JCPENNY will open at 4 AM to get early contact with consumers emboldened by doorbuster deals on apparel, jewelry and home goods.

Still looking for deals from your favorite store? Click here to find out more ways to save on Black Friday.

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