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Many Americans Don't Have Enough Savings to Cover Job Loss


A recent insurance company survey highlights the fact that a large percentage of Americans are not financially prepared for a sudden loss of employment. Saving an "emergency fund", as the financial advice columnists and radio show hosts like to call it, is far easier talked about during afternoon drive time than done. Heck, it’s the emergencies that pop up while trying to save for an emergency that prevent us from being able to squirrel away enough cash to prepare for the worst. Have a few hundred bucks to put away? Oops, there go the brakes on the minivan.

MetLife's report shows that close to half of all Americans would be unable to pay their bills if they lose their job. In total, 65 percent said they could maybe cover a month or two, but not three, which is the coveted benchmark. In today's tough job market, even a 6 month emergency savings account is probably an inadequate safety net.

Now, this is a wake-up call readers. Stop and look around at your situation. It’s time to start saving.
Take this opportunity to find every instance of money heading out and shut down the leaks. And if a significant portion of your income is going to pay unsecured debt, call a bankruptcy attorney today. Discussing your options with a bankruptcy attorney will give you one more perspective on your situation. Maybe bankruptcy isn't your best option, but you don't know until you've taken a hard look at your financial situation and talked to an attorney.

Look, we know you’ve probably heard this all before. But if you’re still reading about it, what have you done about it? Digging out of a financial hole is no easy job. Rest assured, it will take time. And by all means, let us know if we can help.

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