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Realizing there is a Problem


How can you be certain that considering bankruptcy is the right course of action for you? Are you concerned that you might still be able to work your way out of your cycle of borrowing, paying interest-only on loans, and then borrowing again? Ask yourself if you've experienced some of the following situations to help you determine whether there is a problem you need to address.

High Interest Loans:

Are you taking short term, high interest loans to try to give you enough cash to pay the minimum on other loans? Once you've maxed out your existing sources of credit, are the new ones you're trying to get coming at a higher and higher interest rate?

Late Fees:

Anyone can miss a payment deadline from time to time. However, are you incurring late fees as you juggle minimum payments from one creditor to another? Do you ask yourself 'who can wait to be paid this month' as you frantically move cash from one account to another?

Payday Advances:

Have you become a regular user of payday advances? Sure, they'll loan you money ahead of your paycheck but how much do you owe them for the privilege? And how much of your paycheck will be left once you've repaid the loan?

Pawn Shops:

Pawn shops are sometimes called 'the poor man's banker', because they can help you bridge a tough time by lending you money with few questions asked. But how long can you borrow against your TV or jewelry before you've paid what it's worth and more back just trying to keep your possessions 'in hock' and off the show room floor?

Family and Friends:

Do your family and friends avoid you because you've borrowed money from them? Or worse, are you avoiding them because you're embarrassed that you can't repay or even make a down payment on what you owe them? Is losing your personal support network worth it to keep prolonging your cycle of debt?


Do you risk what little cash you have on 'long shot' chances to pay everything off at once? Whether you're spending money on the lottery, the horse or dog track, or casino gambling, the odds are against you getting that big score. That's why the call it 'gambling' and not 'debt service'.

Anger, Depression:

Does dwelling on your debt cause you to be constantly worried, short with your family, out of contact with your friends?

If any or all of the above situations seem familiar to you, you're probably in over your head. But relief is just a phone call away! A qualified bankruptcy attorney can review your situation and help you decide how the legal protection of bankruptcy can help you regain control of your life by wiping out your overwhelming debt. You can have a fresh start.

You are not alone. Many people in situations just like yours have filed for bankruptcy and emerged financially stronger on the other side. Take advantage of their collective experience by calling a qualified bankruptcy attorney today.

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