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Save Your Marriage and Property


We’ve all heard that money problems are the leading cause of marital problems. If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re experiencing both problems. In this economy, with unemployment, foreclosures, and debt at record highs, you’d be hard-pressed to find couples who don’t fight about money!

Financial problems can wreak havoc on your marriage, leading to constant arguing, blame-laying, and even divorce. In fact, when the economy suffers, couples are far more likely to consider divorce as a solution to their problems.

Some couples might think this solution sounds reasonable, even tempting. No more fighting about—you guessed it—money. No more seething tension fueled by bills, debt, and money worries. No more arguments and accusations over who spends more, who earns less, or who should pay the bills.

But is divorce necessarily the solution when it’s your debt that’s to blame?

What if you could eliminate your debts and save the personal property you and your spouse have worked so hard to accumulate? What if you could stop fighting about money?

What if you filed bankruptcy?

Would the fighting end if you and your spouse got a clean slate? A fresh start? What if you got the chance to re-establish your financial goals, make new plans, and move forward with your life together? Imagine the marital peace that could result from financial peace of mind!

You do have options other than divorce. An experienced bankruptcy attorney can help you salvage your marriage and rebuild your life by reducing, restructuring, or eliminating the debt that’s at the center of your marriage problems. For those who qualify, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing can erase your credit card debt, your personal loans, and your medical bills. It can erase the cause of most of your marital problems!

Whether your financial problems are due to job loss, the downturn in the stock market, an increase in your adjustable rate mortgage, medical bills, or rising credit card rates and fees, you don’t have to let your financial problems ruin your marriage! Financial stress can quickly build to the breaking point. But if you could save your marriage, wouldn’t you?

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