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The Seven 0’s of Delight


Introducing 0-0-0-0-0-0-0 Bankruptcy

Or, as we like to call it…

…the Seven 0’s of Delight.

$0 for the initial consultation.
$0 money-down, if you qualify, and lots of people do. 

And…after you file: 

0 nasty calls from bill collectors. 

$0 left owing on lots of bills. 

and 0 choice for your creditors, because the law gives your creditors 0 choice. 

Done right and it's also: 

0 worry, 

0 stress, and 

0 loss of sleep 

Too many bills to pay? 

Need a bunch of 0's in your life? 

Call me. 

Disclaimer: Assumes qualification for filing under Chapter 13.  



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