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Some Garner, North Carolina Students Entitled to Student Loan Forgiveness


Some Garner, North Carolina students are owed student loan relief

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If you’re a Garner, North Carolina student that attended Corinthian College, Everest College, Everest Institute, Everest University, Herald College or WyoTech and have federal student loans, you might be eligible for complete debt discharge. Here’s what you need to know if you borrowed money to attend one of these colleges.

Students Left Hanging After Corinthian Colleges Close

In April 2015, Corinthian Colleges—and all its subsidiaries operating under various names—closed due to an investigation by North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper and other states that probed the schools’ operations. The schools were nationwide, mostly online, and were all for-profit schools—the costliest form of college education.

Cooper said, “Many students aiming for a brighter future didn’t get the education they worked and paid for or the job opportunities they believed they would earn. North Carolinians who attended a Corinthian school should take this opportunity to get their student loans forgiven.” Close to 10,000 North Carolina students could get student loan relief from this closure.

Total Federal Student Loan Debt Relief Possible

In April 2015, state and federal authorities investigated Corinthian Colleges and closed the schools. Then in June, the Department of Education released information to help affected students get relief. Attorney General Cooper encouraged affected North Carolina students to pursue relief as soon as possible.

More than 10,600 North Carolina consumers attended Corinthian Colleges including many in the Garner, NC, and Triad area. If you borrowed to attend Corinthian, you should pursue debt relief now. Your entire federal student loan balance could be forgiven. Former Corinthian students that apply for forgiveness average $19k in forgiveness. That’s a huge bite out of your school debt.

How Do You Qualify For Student Loan Relief?

There is a standard and a streamlined program for student loan forgiveness if your college closes or if your college defrauded you. Some Corinthian Colleges programs were known for falsely estimating job placement possibilities after graduation, so if you relied on unrealistic job placement info by Corinthian, you might be eligible for streamlined debt relief.

As of this summer, less than 410 Garner and other North Carolina students eligible for student loan relief related to Corinthian Colleges had applied for debt discharge. This means more than 10,000 students are owed a discharge of their student debt but have not applied. 

Are You A Garner Student Who Attended Corinthian?

If you attended Corinthian or one of its offshoots—including Everest, Herald or WyoTech—contact AG Cooper’s office immediately or reach out to the Department of Education to learn more. Once you stop going to school, your student loan repayments begin within six months. If you’re already paying off these loans, you should stop and request a deferment while you pursue loan discharge.

This is not debt you should not have to pay if you were still attending Corinthian when it closed or if you were harmed by their inflated job placement statistics. Garner, North Carolina students who attended these schools should take steps now to ditch this debt and get a fresh start. Contact the NC Consumer Protection Division or DOE now.

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