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Sound money management requires communicating with your spouse


Having to file bankruptcy can be stressful on a family, and even more damaging for a married couple. However, when things go wrong with a relationship during bankruptcy, it’s not typically the result of the bankruptcy. Most often things were going bad before that. We see it happen more often than we should. When things go bad, it becomes that much harder to tell a loved one about the problem. A survey conducted at the end of 2010 by CESI Debt Solutions and mentioned in a recent MSNBC article, demonstrated that of the 200 people who took part, 80 percent admitted to spending money that their spouses did not know about. The survey went on to reveal that close to 19 percent of people carry a credit card that is in their own name of which their spouse is unaware. The items most often held under wraps by the secretive spouse are typically minor consumer purchases, like expensive shoes, the tab for friends at dinner or a few rounds of beers with the guys. It’s not like couples are trying to hide car loans. Nevertheless, as anyone who is in severe debt or approaching bankruptcy can tell you, all those little charges add up. Still, the survey also went on to highlight that 24 percent of those hiding purchases will not reveal their habits to their spouse, a fact that is additionally troubling. Although, we can’t say we haven’t seen it happen. People report that after a while the secretive spending becomes problematic enough to garner concern for the welfare of their matrimony if uncovered. Thus, like monthly interest on an American Express, things continue to compound. Filing bankruptcy can be a therapeutic experience. With the elimination of all that stress, people become encouraged to “come clean” in an effort to start from scratch.Regardless of how a couple comes to grips with their joint spending practices, the point is they do. And that’s when bankruptcy can have its most profound impact. If you are struggling with debt, chances are, it's having an impact on your family. Why not file bankruptcy today and get back to the life you were meant to live? In North Carolina, call +1-919-646-2654 to set up your free initial debt consultation. Don't wait until it's too late, call today. With offices in Raleigh, Durham, Fayetteville, Wilson, Greensboro, Garner or Wilmington, we have a location that's convenient for you.

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