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Starting over? Bankruptcy is your best option.


The fault of today's recession does not rest on the shoulders of those who bought a biggertruck, new plasma television or took an extra vacation. We are in this mess because of an increasingly complicated financial tangle of ungoverned investment products that has long been too shaky to support our country's financial system.

Unfortunately, like so many Americans, it didn't take much for you to find yourself caught in the tide.

Maybe it started for you as a series of high-dollar home repairs thanks to an outdated waterheater in the attic. Then, your oldest child came home, with his bags and hat in hand. Finally, you're on the outside of an unforeseen staff "consolidation." And just like that, you are part of all those nightly news statistics, a portion of that red bar graph illustrating the growing number of debt-addled, unemployed taxpayers. Worse yet, you are part of the group everyone wants to blame for what's happening; a group treading water in the world's richest country and to whom no one wants to throw a life preserver.

Sometimes, things just end up going bad before you can do anything about it. So now what?

While the television and radio run rampant with ads for debt consolidation and settlement services, these roads to financial recovery rarely offer the best route by which to solve your debt problems. In fact, many debt consolidation customers end up stuck in a cycle of perpetual payments. While these debt consolidation programs may reduce some of the interest owing on your accounts, you're still left bearing the brunt of a large unpaid principal balance.

Tough times call for bold action. It's time to think about bankruptcy. By working alongside a reputable attorney who can clearly and professionally guide you through the ins and outs and of bankruptcy, you can find yourself on the path to a clean slate immediately. A solid bankruptcy attorney will take the time to learn about your issues, get to know your post-bankruptcy goals carefully, and craft a workable plan to get rid of your unsecured debt.

Always remember that the integrity of your family is what's most important. Bankruptcy, while a process no one wants to face, was created to help people just like you. It's a new door to a fresh future, one that may not be found through the fog of endless debt consolidations and halfhearted attempts at settlement. Do the right thing by committing to a plan and calling a dedicated bankruptcy attorney today.

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