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Stimulus Tracking Web Site Could Aid in Frustrating Job Search


If you are like most Americans who are out of work today—and there's a lot you—the seemingly perpetual job search may eventually take a toll on your psyche. There is just so much out of your control. As soon as that resume leaves your e-mail, it could be weeks before you receive an acknowledgment- if you even get one. Even when you do, it's probably some automated response promising that "one of our professionals will soon be in touch." Heard that one before? Every job that seems like a great match just restarts the cycle. Add to that a boiling personal financial crisis and the job search can seem like a completely fruitless effort. No doubt, it's tough out there. What's making matters worse for this job market is that it is occurring during such a heated political climate. Washington is divided and everyone seems on edge, especially when discussions involve companies or parts of the country that have received stimulus, or "bailout" money. Everyone wants a piece. Or heck, we just want to know it's helping. Well, we came across a helpful blog called My Bank Tracker ( that outlines some useful tips on how to locate where stimulus money is creating jobs. If you think you can afford a relocation or even if you have the ability to relocate temporarily for work, following the stimulus money could be useful. The site advises readers to take full advantage of the government's Web site established to record the use of the stimulus funds. If you visit, you can track down recipients of the money, as it contains an large database on grants and funding awards. Then, narrow it down by state. See what North Carolina has to offer. For example, the LED lighting company, CREE, was given a $39 million in stimulus money to create "green" jobs and manufacturing positions. To date, they have hired 375 people. The most simple way to locate potential employment is under the "Opportunities" menu on the government site. There is a direct link to jobs that allows you to search by phrase and job type, for example, "marketing jobs in Washington DC" or Electrical work in Omaha NE." Hey, if you have a cousin in an area that's hiring, it could work for a while. You can also look under for work that is backed by the Recovery Act. However, it is important to note that this site highlights government and public service jobs. Nevertheless, the federal government has been known to pay well, offer great benefits and provide terrific job security. So it's certainly worth a shot. As we mentioned, politics have been hampering employment aid. Last week, as we discussed here, it took days of political grandstanding to pass a $140 million bill that would extend unemployment benefits. It's passing offers the unemployment and potentially bankrupt a small cushion. Unemployment is directly related to debt problems and thus, the tremendous increase in personal bankruptcies. Maybe, in a couple more years (we don't want to sound bleak) when unemployment is back at reasonable levels, the government can fund more training programs or maybe use stimulus money to support proactive job growth efforts so we don't have assemble the dike during the flood. Look, we want to help as many clients as we can. We just wish there was more we could do before they call us. Good luck, stay positive and call us- we can get rid of your debt while you look for a job, and give your family some well-deserved relief from relentless creditor calls. Call today to set up a free debt consultation- +1-919-646-2654. Convenient offices in Raleigh, Durham, Fayetteville and Wilson.

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