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Take advantage of your life after bankruptcy. Now's the time.


Okay, it’s time for some motivation.

Coming out of bankruptcy, or at least the feeling of resolution that comes when the cloud of economic despair finally lifts, can do a lot for a person’s psyche and sense of self. Like a new breath after a long-time struggle in financial whitewater, knowing you are free of what has been pulling you under can empower you to try new things, pursue goals and live your dreams. So, in honor of that great feeling, let’s use this post to discuss ten things that you might hear when its time to get back on track toward leading the life you have always wanted.

Credit goes to the blog post on marcandangel.com for this great list, of which we’ll humbly paraphrase:

Dreams are great, but now isn’t the time. Huh? It’s the perfect time. Coming away from a personal financial struggle allows you to work with the motivation provided by proximity of memory. That is, you can instantly recall what it was like to feel like you had nothing left to pursue. Dreams are not to be put on hold, they are to be lived.

Okay, great. But what if you fail? So, what if you fail? Big deal! Who doesn’t? In a strange way, that’s kind of the point. Each time you miss, you learn where not to shoot. Creating the ideal life for yourself is not an easy task but all you need to do is decide who to be and then go be it. Sounds too simple, right? Guess what? It is.

It’s easy to be comfortable and stable. Yep, day jobs can be easy, pay well and provide stability. They can also be humorless, soul-sapping daily death marches. No one says to themselves when they are ten-years-old, “I want to strive for middle management and not be in control of my professional future.” Yet, that is exactly what too many of us become. Don’t be that person. Be you. Take a risk.

You have to be connected to “make it.”
Really? Says who, the person who tried but gave up? Probably. That’s a load. All you need is time and determination. You can choose to stop what it is you’re doing, learn a new skill or hone a talent, and then put it to use. The point should never be about money, it should be about choice, freedom and happiness. Remember, the pursuit of money is what led to the old you.

You need a lot of money to live the life you want. This is perhaps the biggest fallacy of them all. Wealth is relative; if you don’t have to pay a lot, you don’t need to make a lot. A big salary is great if it offers you freedom and balance, but how often does that happen while working for someone else? Hardly ever. If you pursue your passion, the money will follow. And you can create “indirect raises” every day by eliminating some form of expense. Start small and take baby steps. One thing, one week, another thing next week. All you really need is motivation and to be humble. Go get what it is your after, don’t let money dictate what you want to do.

Why do you want to work that hard?
Because that’s how its done! For you to jump start your dreams, climb out of the financial valley and make the next peak, yes, it’s going to take hard work. Remember, it’s easy to do what everyone else is doing. And you already tried it their way. Now it’s time to go yours, post-bankruptcy and pro-dreams.

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