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Washington Continues the Political Tennis Match while Jobless Grow Weary


There was a time when a college diploma carried the promise of long, prosperous employment. Today, it’s as promising as a one of those silly motivational pictures of eagles and mountains.

As most people are coming to realize, it doesn’t matter how many initials are attached to the end of your name, you stand about as much chance as finding work today as the guy holding a sign at the intersection.

Earlier this week, President Obama stood in front the press corp and verbalized what everyone in America already knew: that far too many people are still out of work. As a result, foreclosures continue and personal bankruptcies are commonplace.

Of course, it’s all political, he says. Republicans are the problem. Well, in reality, everything is the problem. The longer Washington stands aisle to aisle pointing fingers, the longer people like you—our readers—are going to have to stand in unemployment lines and continue to need our help. And we’re here for you, of course; but wouldn’t you rather not have to make that difficult phone call?

The President called into question the Republicans lack of motivation to pass a bill targeted to incentivize small businesses. A couple of things stood out about his speech, however. One, election season is heating up and the Democrats need to attach the opposition to every verbal instance of economic duress as possible. Secondly, unless the bill has a good deal of bacon wrapped around it, most Republicans would support a truly business-centric piece of legislation.

Don’t get us wrong here, this isn’t meant to be a political post. But who are we kidding? Washington has found itself so wrapped up in its own well-being that the people it tries to serve have become nothing more than pawns in the two major parties’ efforts to win votes. There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of intrinsic, domestic focus. It’s almost as if we need to wave a flag that says, “Hey, Congress, we’re over here! Remember us?” It’s time to put the swords away.

Last week, a report showed that economic growth has stalled. The timing for the President was anything but good, as it came during his 10-day stay in Martha’s Vineyard. After all, getting the country back on its feet is hard work.

Efforts to date have shown that there is no real magic fix to our country’s economic woes. All the creativity to date has fallen flat. So, wouldn’t one think that it’s time for some radical thinking? What about bankruptcy mortgage cramdown? How about some real relief for those stuck with high interest private student loans?

In his speech, President Obama said, "Every single day, I'm pushing this economy forward, repairing the damage that's been done to the middle class over the past decade and promoting the growth we need to get out people back to work."

Bold words.

And who doesn’t wish they were true?

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