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Ways to Cut Back on Your Commute Amid Rising Gas Prices


Unrest in the Middle East has pushed gas prices sky high for the rest of us in recent months, with average American households, just beginning to recover from the recent economic recession, scrambling to fill their tanks with petrol pushing $3.60 (and higher) per gallon.

So, apart from adjusting tire pressure, turning off the AC and/or driving slower, you might be wondering how to reduce the financial pain you’re likely experiencing at the pump. Well, the obvious answer is to drive less; but with many people heading back to work or still searching, cutting back on travel is just not an option.

Luckily, our friends at WalletPop have syphoned some trusted tips from financial experts and commentators on the easiest ways to drop your driving time and, subsequently, cut back on the costs of the commute.

A money-saving sampling includes:

Foster a Food Plan
A little bit of planning when it comes to your everyday menu can go a long way in saving gas money—cutting back on last-minute trips to the grocery store. Start with a plan for a few days a week, and once you’ve got it down, learn to go weeks without an extra trip to the corner store.

Learn to Love Local
Finding a farmer’s market can pay dividends when it comes to healthy eating and helpful travel habits. As WalletPop put it, “If you make a farmer's market part of your routine and plan your meals around that, you could achieve a big lifestyle change that will have you canning peaches in the summer with a group of friends and eating them all year round, eschewing the grocery store because your pantry is full, and feeling good about the global savings in ‘food miles’ and all the gas it takes to get food to your grocery store by eating local.”

Bulk Buying
It’s no surprise that stores like Costco and Sam’s Club have seen a rise in profits even during a recession. Bulk buying has become a simple solution for saving money and time. Even if you find you don’t need 20lbs of oatmeal, starting a food co-op in the neighborhood, sharing purchases with friends and neighbors, can cut food costs, as well as costly trips to the store.

School Carpool
It goes without saying that if you’re a parent of a school-age child, a carpool with other families can save you loads of time each week. And now, with gas prices pushing $4 a gallon, it’s never been a better time to get some help carting the kids around.

Start Walking to Workouts
Aerobics and spin classes can be fun; but if you’re driving long distances to enjoy your favorite healthy hobbies, you rob yourself of time and, now more than ever, money. Cut back on the commute to your favorite activities by convening a new activity that happens within walking distance of your home. Whether it’s taking up jogging in the neighborhood or starting to swim at the community pool, walkable workouts can cut your budget as well as your waistline.

Budget Both your Money and Time
According to WalletPop, “If I plan things ahead of time, I find I'd much rather play ball in the backyard than go shopping for baseball gear. And if I go all the way to that sporting goods store, shouldn't I also stop at the fabric depot a mile away? If I've come up with a strict plan for my expenditures of money and errand time, I'll be more likely to conserve both.”

Nevertheless, if you’re already struggling financially, these minor budget cuts may not be enough to sustain your mortgage, your car or even the most basic utilities amid formidable prices at the pump. In these tough economic times, wherein rising oil rates are exacerbating other economic pressures, it may be time to turn to a more definitive option: buying yourself some breathing room with a better financial future through bankruptcy. If you have been affected by the economy, the housing market, or even troubles with your gas tank, and are wondering how to get back on track, knowing a qualified bankruptcy attorney can also help you face your financial fears, yielding the right kinds of support, information and insights—at a low cost— for a viable and secure future beyond the latest oil crisis.

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