Who else will put your kids first, if not you?

Submitted by John Orcutt on Mon, 11/30/2020 - 10:32am

Who	else	will put your kids first, if not you?

If we don’t put our kids first, who will?

You know the answer. No one. No one else is going to put your kids first. No one else is driven to take of your kids with same passion you feel, a passion likely built right into your DNA.  The same passion every other responsible adult feels for their kids.


So, we have to do it ourselves. By our effort at home, we make, maintain, and nurture the “nest” where our kids live. By our efforts, we make the meals, train our kids, provide the loving environment they need, and so on.  By our efforts at work, we make the money to pay for the food, clothing, shelter and transportation necessary to properly provide for our kids.  And what could be more important in an uncertain world turned upside-down and inside-out by the Corona virus?


But, if we are to put our kids first, if that is our priority and our focus, and shouldn’t it be, what do we need to do?


One of those things is to lessen our debt load and, in doing so, to limit or eliminate the drain on our money, so that there is more money left over for our kids. The more money left over, the better.


At this point, it really doesn’t matter how things got so out of whack such that we ended up with so much debt that our kids have to suffer.  There may be lessons to be learned to avoid the same problem in the future, but that is a topic for future focus and consideration.


For now, the focus needs to be on getting out of debt as much as legally possible, so as to do as much as you can to ensure that your kids, first, survive and second, thrive.


And that’s where the magic of bankruptcy comes in. 


And as quickly as you can set up a FREE consult with an expert bankruptcy attorney’s office, you can, as quickly as today, find out exactly what debts you can get rid of, what payments can be lowered, the easy steps involved to quickly and easily get filed, and therefore how quickly you can free up the money you need to get back to putting your kids first.


This is not rocket science, and although it can seem like magic when you see how quickly you can completely change your world, it is, in reality, just the application for your rights as an American citizen under the U.S. federal bankruptcy laws. 


Any attorney, with an expert understanding of these laws can tell you exactly what the result will be.  There is no guesswork involved. If we know your facts (income, expenses, assets and debts), we can apply these laws to tell you, right then and there, the result you can achieve. No creditor’s permission is needed and no judge’s consent is required to figure this out. Your right to file bankruptcy is your right as an American citizen; no one’s permission is need. 


Applying these laws to the facts of your situation, we can provide you an exact and predictable result.  And then, you decide. If the result does enough for you and your kids, you file.  If not, you don’t. 


Our job is to explain everything clearly, and should you decide to file, our job is to get your filed and to answer your questions and address all your concerns along the way. 


If we do our job right, along the way, you will be treated with the kindness, caring, concern and respect you, and all human beings, deserve.


Right now, if only out of a sense of curiosity, you have to be wondering what filing bankruptcy can do for you and your kids.


With our office, you can find out for FREE. 


And with us, there is no need to come in. You can get started, and do it all, right over the phone. 


The best thing is that you can find out for FREE and better yet, you can find out TODAY.


With us, there is no need to wait to get answers. Call us during normal business hours, and, if you have the time, we will put you on the phone with one of our fully trained staff (I call them "Angels"), right then and there.


Then, as quickly as you can give us the specifics of your situation, we will tell you exactly which debts we can kill off, where we can lower payments on other debts. We will tell you the the simple and easy steps to getting filed, and how, by filing, you can, for the first time in your life, put all your creditors under control. In the process, you will learn exactly what all is involved, the exact costs, and specifically how much money you can save each month…money better spent on your kids.


Bottom line: We kill off debt, lower payments, and put creditors under control so you can get back to living, get back to putting your kids first, and hopefully get back to loving and laughter and the joy of looking forward to the dawning of each brand new day, with a spring in your step, and a heart overflowing with renewed hope.


When you are ready, we are ready to serve.

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