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The Call That Leads The Way


Too many bills to pay.
Too many debts today.
Creditors tell, pay pay.
Feel like a deadbeat every day.

What to do, what to say?
"Bankruptcy...oh no", they say.
"That would not be the proper play."
When, what they mean is to block my way.

They cannot always have their way.
Help I need, bills heavy weigh.

Enough, enough, enough I pray.
My kids come first, I must not stray.
Must do what I must do this day.
No more there's time to just delay.

Maybe Bankruptcy be O.K.
Makes the collector quick obey.
The repo man cannot play.
Nasty calls stop right away.
Till I can get the dough to pay.
And other bills just die away.

Who to see to light the way.
My Bankruptcy Attorney...he's here to stay.
With his help, I may win the day.

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