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Bankruptcy: A Setback Not a Defeat


Every warrior knows that there are times to move forward and times to retreat.

In retreat, the battle is lost but the warrior lives to fight another day.

Better to lose a battle than to mindlessly persevere and lose the war.

It’s the same with sports and it’s the same with life. All good, honest, hard-working people suffer setbacks.

If anyone tells you differently, they are either lying to you or fooling themselves.


Life can be brutal and unforgiving.

The good thing is that in life you always have a choice.

You can choose to sit there and take it, give up, give in, be bitter, and let life win or you can fight back.

You can accept your losses, stand back up, brush yourself off, and move on.

You can do it! Bankruptcy can help.

Bankruptcy is a setback not a defeat.

Defeat is NOT filing bankruptcy when it would do your family the most good.

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