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Client Review: Compliments for Paralegal, Amy Hodge

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When I first decided on filing for Bankruptcy I really was a little uncertain as to whether I was making the right decision.Once the initial interview was conducted and I was given all the paper work to take home to complete and an appt. date/time to meet with Paralegal, Amy Hodge. I still was uncertain but kept the appt. with Amy. Upon meeting her I began to feel at ease and during the interview I really became relaxed and listening to all she explained in full ( understanding ) details I knew I had made the right decision by keeping my appt. Amy assured me that I had made the best decision by filing for Chaper 13 not Chapter 7 and the different between the two, I left the office feeling happier than I had felt in a very long time. If I ever come in contact with someone wanting to file Bankruptcy I will surely refer them to your office to interview with Paralegal, Amy Hodge. May she continue to increase your clientele with her professionalism.


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