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Consultation Information:

Thank you for having used our "online" appointment scheduler to set up your Free Consultation.

FREE 'One-Time-Only' Initial Consultation

This is a "One-Time-Only" offer for a FREE Initial Consultation to talk about your debts and your options. All we ask is that you show up.

What Happens In The Consultation?

As you will see, your FREE Initial Consultation provides a thorough analysis of your situation, after which we will tell you all your debt options and also answer all your debt-related questions.

What To Bring With You:

Please grab up your bills and bring them with you. If you happen to have one of your paycheck stubs, please bring that too.

Online Initial Interview Questionnaire:

If you would like to further "speed up the process", you can, by clicking the "Initial Interview Questionnaire" link and fill it out online. 

Map & Directions:

If you need a map or directions to our office, please click on the "Locations" link.

How Long Is The Consultation?

Initial consultations can take up to 2 hours. Please plan accordingly.

We look forward to serving you.


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