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In Debt in Alamance County? Get Help Now




Get Expert Advice on Getting Out of Debt Through Bankruptcy

Are you one of the many consumers in Alamance County who is struggling financially? Being in debt can be extremely stressful and in recent years, the recession has left many in North Carolina with lingering unemployment and underemployment, bills they can't pay and facing foreclosure. While your self-worth isn't based on how much you make or have, owing money you can't pay can make you question your life choices. But it doesn't have to be this way. Don't devote another day to feeling bad about your debts. We can help.


Are You Being Harassed by Debt Collectors?

Debt collectors are paid to get money out of you and they often employ threats, harsh language and insults if they think these tactics will get you to pay up. But if you don't have the money, you can't pay up and all this negativity will do is drain your energy and drag you down. Being deep in debt can be so overwhelming that it obscures your big picture view of life. But we can offer a ray of hope. Filing bankruptcy will shut down debt collection activity immediately. Once you file, it is illegal for creditors to continue contacting you. This can allow you to get back to what's important in your life.


Do You Need More Time to Pay or a Complete Fresh Start?

Sometimes getting control of your debt is just a matter of being able to call a time out and get extra time to pay. Filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy can give you time to get caught up on your debts. All collections activity stops and we construct a repayment plan for you to get caught up on your mortgage, car payments and other debts. If time isn't a solution because your debts are far too much to afford on your income, Chapter 7 will eradicate most of your debts and give you a clean slate. Our expert attorneys can evaluate your finances and let you know what approach will get you the best results.


Is Your Home at Risk of Foreclosure?

Your home is your sanctuary and where you enjoy life with your loved ones, but if you're behind on your mortgage payments, this is all at risk. If you've received foreclosure threat letters or an official foreclosure notice, you have a short window of time to act to protect your home from being auctioned off. Depending on how much equity you have in your home or whether it's upside down and worth far less than your mortgage value, we can make different recommendations on which type of bankruptcy will serve you best for your housing needs.


Have You Been Hit Hard by a Major Life Event?

Most of our bankruptcy clients have experienced a major life event that has caused their financial problems. For some it's long-term unemployment, for others it's a catastrophic accident or illness and for others it may be the break up of marriage or other significant relationship that results in costly legal fees, alimony and/or child support. Any of these major life events can cause serious financial problems that can be difficult to get past. And while filing bankruptcy won't diminish any alimony or child support obligations, it can help you shed medical, legal and credit card bills and a variety of other  that will free you up to focus on your remaining debts.


Don't Let Debt Control Your Life

Money shouldn't be the driving force in your life but when your finances are out of control, it can feel that way. No matter what's the cause of your financial problems, the expert attorneys at the law offices of John T Orcutt can help. Contact us today for a free consultation on your specific debt circumstances and we'll explain the benefits of bankruptcy and how we can help you get a financial fresh start. Don't let your debts drive your life one more day. Call us now.

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