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All too often people in customer-facing roles only receive feedback when something goes wrong and/or a customer is upset. However, I would like to provide you with some very positive feedback. First of all, everyone at your firm with which I have interacted over the past few years has been nothing but courteous and professional. Everyone is so helpful, and I am not made to simply feel "like a number." From the onset of my chapter 13 filing and throughout the court process, members of your team were "with us all the way" to reach the best outcome available for my family. I am still in my chapter 13, and would specifically like to address the level of service that I have received since filing my claim. Kelly Cox handles my case, and she has always been "Johnny-on-the-spot" with any questions or concerns that I may have. For the past couple of years Kelly has consistently provided me with good advice and has always helped clear up any bankruptcy misconceptions that I may encounter from time to time. Kelly truly makes me feel like she is an active partner in my family's financial recovery, and she always seems to advocate for my family's best interests. Kelly is very knowledgeable, she comes across to me as confident, and she has never given me any reason to not trust her. When all is said and done - and based on the long period of time that I have been your client - I can honestly say that Kelly truly appreciates her clients' needs. From my vantage point as a customer, Kelly represents your firm well; her actions are a very positive reflection upon herself and upon your team.