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Client Name:Frank & Sonya

Type of Case:Chapter 7

Results Achieved:

Lowered monthly payments by $1,593 per month. Got rid of $58,190 in debt....debt that will never have to be paid back. Got rid of ALL the interest that would have accrued on that debt. Were able to keep all property they owned. Got rid of a judgment for $3,328.


Here Is What The Client Said:

Why did you file bankruptcy?

"Because I had a serious car accident, I wasn't able to work. The lady who ran into me didn't have auto insurance. Shortly after my recovery, we had a baby that needed a lot of medical care and during his birth, my wife also had complications. So, the medical bills were mounting up."


What if you had not filed?

"We would have lost it, trucks, everything."


How did filing bankruptcy help you and your family?

"Since we filed, we bought cheaper autos and we don't worry about the medical bills because we can afford the care our son needs. Nor do we worry about keeping the lights on in our house."


Would you recommend bankruptcy for someone else?

"Yes, especially if they are in a similar situation, like worrying about feeding the children and making sure of the medical needs."


Would you recommend the Law Offices of John T. Orcutt?

"Most definitely. The staff bent over backwards to help with our problems."


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