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Your credit score is everything.  You know that.  It controls whether you can get credit or not.   And, even if you can get credit, it controls how much credit you get and how much interest you will be charged.

Most of our clients think that filing bankruptcy will kill their credit score. We hear it all the time.  However, this is NOT TRUE and makes no sense.  Let me explain.

Bankruptcy is not the problem. 

Not paying all your bills "on-time" is the problem.  Not paying your bills "on time" is what kills your credit score.   NOT bankruptcy.  

Think about it.  You wouldn't be here if you could pay all your bills "on-time".  You wouldn't be here if you have a great credit score.  Right?

The truth is that every time you DO NOT pay a bill "on time", you are killing your own credit score.

Want to turn things around?   Want to fix your credit score?    Want to get back to a credit score of 720, or even higher?

There are 3 steps you have to take:

Step 1

You must get rid of enough debt so that you can get back to paying the rest of your bills "on-time".   The faster you do this, the faster you can move on to "Step 2".  

So, what is the fastest way to get rid of debt?  You guessed it.  Filing bankruptcy.  Whether you realize it or not, the fastest, and also the easiest, way to get rid of debt is by filing bankruptcy. 

Why?  Because bankruptcy kills off debt.  That's what it does.  Kill off enough debt and you can get back to paying the rest of your bills "on time".  Paying your bills "on time" is the key to a higher credit score.

Step 2

After you get rid of debt, you need to pull your credit report and look for errors. To make this painless, we have made arrangements with a law firm to do this for you, FOR FREE, a law firm dedicated to finding and fixing errors on credit reports. Where necessary and appropriate, this law firm will also take the legal action necessary to enforce your rights under the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).  While you are still working on Step 2, you need to start Step 3.

Step 3

In addition to taking the steps necessary to insure a correct credit report, you need to take the steps necessary to drive your credit score higher and higher.

This is so important that, to teach you these steps and to make taking these steps as simple and easy as humanly possible, we have made arrangements to provide you these 2 additional benefits FOR FREE, at no additional cost.

  • FREE "7 Steps To A 720 Credit Score" course created by  A $1,000 value, yours for FREE.   Unless you want to read the book and figure out everything on your own, this course is the way to go.


  • FREE book entitled "Credit Score Keys: How To Rebuild Your Credit Score After Bankruptcy", written by bankruptcy attorney and credit expert Shawn Orcutt.  A $79 value, yours for FREE.  Want to read the book? Want to download it now?  (Just Click Here)


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Just do you know, you get all 3 of these benefits, for FREE, at no additional cost, whether you file bankruptcy with us, or not.  (Applies to North Carolina filings after 3/1/22.)


Now...more information about the:

FREE "7 Steps To A 720 Credit Score course:

Learn how thousands of others increased their credit score to 720, or even higher, in just 12 to24 months.

This is a step-by-step program. It consists of 11 instructional videos that are available through our secure credit portal.  The tutorials are 10 to 15 minutes long, and you'll spend 10 or more minutes implementing the simple steps for raising your credit score.

To learn more about this program, just click anywhere on the following image:





Any reference to your present or future credit record, credit history, credit rating or credit score in our advertising or during consultation with our law firm or during the handling of your bankruptcy case (if filing bankruptcy is right for you) is provided for the sole purpose of either: (1) discussing and properly counseling and advising you on the interrelationship between and possible impact of filing bankruptcy on your credit record, credit history, credit rating and/or credit score, (2) advising and counseling you with respect to the proper handling and preparation of your bankruptcy case (again, if filing bankruptcy is right for you), or (3) pointing out the huge “ancillary” credit-score-related benefit of filing bankruptcy caused by using the bankruptcy laws to get rid of debts you can’t afford so that, hopefully, you can get back to paying the rest of your debts “on-time”.

We are bankruptcy attorneys.  We know bankruptcy.  We are not experts in credit repair or credit score rebuilding.  We don't charge or provide for credit repair or credit score rebuilding services.  The money you pay or agree to pay our law firm is solely: (1) for the purpose of providing you the counsel, advise and services necessary for you to make the decision whether or not to file bankruptcy and (2) for the purpose of getting your bankruptcy case prepared, filed and properly handled.  

Our law firm does not, and will not, sell or perform any such service, nor take any action, for the express or implied purpose of: (1)  improving your credit record, credit history, credit rating or credit score, or (2) providing you advice or assistance with regard to improving your credit record, credit history, credit rating or credit score.  If you want these other types of non-bankruptcy-related services, you would need to hire some other person or organization who provides such services. 

In this regard, as an accommodation to you, without cost to you, and for the purpose of steering you in the right direction and because we know how important your credit score is to your financial future, in addition to the 3 free benefits referred to above (which you get whether or NOT you file bankruptcy with us), we will try to provide, as available, pamphlets, handouts, and webpage content, which contain information about persons and organizations that provide such services and also helpful and instructive information and/or links to information created by such other persons or organizations. 

We are a debt relief agency.  We help people filed for bankruptcy relief under the United States Bankruptcy Code.


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