Hope For The Best & Prepare For The Worst!


Nobody wants to file bankruptcy...nobody.

But...filing bankruptcy may be the only thing that saves your family.

It's no secret that our economy is in serious trouble.

It's all over the news...and it's only getting worse...much worse.

And all indications are that...like a bad storm...it is going to hit and hit hard.

And like a bad storm...there is no guarantee how long it will last or how much damage it will do.

It's just a matter of time before the storm hits us your house and mine.

And when it hits...it's going to beat down and bust up a lot of families.

Don't let it happen to your family.

Be on the safe side...hope for the best...but prepare for the worst.

And you need to start now.

Read the news.  It's so bad there may not be a tomorrow.

But what about all the things the Presidential is promising?

Barack Obama means well...there is no doubt about that...but the truth is that...to keep everything from getting even worse...he knows he has to talk positive...and tell us what we want to hear, even if...as it turns out...he can't produce.

The truth is...there is no magic answer and President Obama knows it.  He will try this and he will try that. We're seeing that already, but the fact is that, all indications are, it has to get a lot, lot worse before it starts getting better.

This time around, it could well be that the problems with the economy are too big for anyone to fix...and all indications are that it will be years before we get back to where we were.

We should all hope for the best. We should all stand behind Obama and wish him well, and pray for his stamina and success every day.

But, the bottom line for you and me is this.  We need to stop counting on Obama and other people to save us. If their strategies work...fine. But we can't count on it...not when your family's survival is at stack.

You have to save yourself.

You need to do everything you can to make sure your family survives...no matter how bad things get.

And you need to get started right now...today.

Be on the safe side...act as if there is no tomorrow.

Here are 4 things you need to start doing...today:

(1)    Do your best to hold on to your job.
(2)    Hold on tight to whatever savings and retirement nest eggs you have.

This is your money for emergencies and your cushion against bad times and downturns in income.
(3)    Where you can...you need to cut back on spending.

Every dollar you don't spend is a dollar saved.
(4)    And...you need to get rid of as much debt as possible.

Getting rid of debt is important because it will free up income.  If you get rid of bills, you don't have to pay them, and if you don't have to pay them, this frees up income, and freeing up our income, gives you more money to pay the things you have to have like food, gas, electric, clothing, car payments and house payments. Hopefully, it also frees up money you can save.

The secret is to get rid of as much debt as possible and to do it as fast as possible.  The sooner you get rid of debt, the sooner your income is freed up.

That's where bankruptcy comes in.

Bankruptcy allows people...like you...struggling with debt...to get rid of...and not pay back...ALL their normal, consumer debts*.

...That is, all your credit cards, all your medical bills, all your personal loans, certain old taxes, and certain other unsecured debts.

...That's a lot of debt and...hopefully...a lot of relief...as you prepare for the worst.

How much time do you have?

Good question.  The answer is:  No one knows...days, weeks, maybe a few months, but probably not more time than that.  There is no guarantee we even have until tomorrow.

Watch the news.  It seems like there is more bad news every day.

Many parts of the country are already suffering from the full blast of a recession, higher prices and ever increasing unemployment.

All indications are that it is only a matter of time before a full-blown recession spreads to North Carolina...and...unfortunately ...that means many of us will lose our jobs.

Look around you. Someone you know has already lost his or her job. You could be next...

...and if you are one of the unlucky ones...what will you do?  Will you wish you had done more to prepare?

It's time to batten down the hatches.

Here in North Carolina We are already seeing some of the effects...

...a complete subprime mortgage mess,

...a fall in housing values and sales,

...the almost complete shutdown in the housing refinance market,

...unemployment rates at historic levels,

...and a full-blown crisis in the vehicle sales and financing market.

So...let me repeat:

Do everything in your power to hold onto your job.  Work hard and be the best employee, so that when it comes time for lay offs...it's not your name called out.

Hold on tight to any savings you have and your retirement nest egg.  These are your protection in case of emergency and in case things get real, real, real bad...like if you are one of the unlucky ones who loses a job

It's no fun...but look at your expenses and decide what's most important and what's not...then, cut back where you can.

And...perhaps most importantly...because it's the thing you have the most control over...get rid of as much debt as you can...get rid of it as fast as possible...and get started now.

You may not have a lot of control over most things, but you do have a lot of control over whether you stay in debt or not.

Why?  Because...if you need it...you have the power of bankruptcy available to you.

People don't realize just how powerful the Federal Bankruptcy laws are.

As mentioned above... bankruptcy allows you to get rid of...and never have to pay back All your normal, consumer debts.

Think about it.

What if you no longer owed on your credit cards, medical bills, personal loans and even some older taxes?

This would free up some of your hard-earned money.

Wouldn't this put you in a better position to make sure you can afford the higher and higher cost for the things you need?

Wouldn't this put you in a better position for you and your family to weather the storm?

Wouldn't this put you in a better position to make sure that at least your family survived?

Wouldn't it make sense for you to at least look into how much debt this thing we call "bankruptcy" can get rid of for you?

Call today...there may be NO tomorrow.

You have nothing to lose.  Why?

Because we offer a totally FREE ANALYSIS of your entire financial situation. In-depth, honest, confidential, no-pressure, no-strings-attached. GUARANTEED!

The quicker you set up your FREE ANALYSIS appointment, the quicker you will find out the amazing results you can achieve.

Others Promise...But Only Bankruptcy Delivers.

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