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How To Make An Appointment


Now Serving All 100 Counties of North Carolina.

No need to come in. We can do everything over the phone. So you can do everything from the safety and comfort of your home.

You Have 2 Choices:

You can set it up yourself using our exclusive "Online" Appointments Scheduler or, if you prefer, you can speak to a "live" person instead. Either way, the appointment is FREE.


(1) Use our "online" Appointment Scheduler:

Just click on the button below. In 3 easy steps, you will have an appointment.**

We have 7 offices in North Carolina to serve you: Raleigh, Garner, Durham, Greensboro Fayetteville, Wilson and Wilmington/Southport. Every office has fully trained and professional attorneys and staff to assist you.


**Sorry, but you must be a resident of North Carolina.


(2) Or, speak to a "live" person instead?

Night or day (24 hours a day), 365 days a year...just call the following toll free number: