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Tim B.
After I checked in, I was greeted with a warm smile by Tina Moore, a bankruptcy paralegal that was assigned to my case. I was seen with no delay, and she soon put me at ease as we sat down in her office. We then began to go over the details of my bankruptcy case. After a few minutes, it was evident that Ms. Moore was exceptional at her position making my bankruptcy so clear to me. She has a sense of humor that will help lighten the mood if you’re still feeling unsure about the process. She is here to help. Ms. Moore covered a lot of material and explained it where I felt like I was a paralegal for that short time in her office- She’s great with highlighters and pens. You won’ forget (That helped me) I know I won’t. She genuinely cares and wants to help. That’s how I felt when I left the office that day. I had such a great experience talking about bankruptcy.