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If Only I Had Come In Sooner!


Bankruptcy Attorney John Orcutt:

I cannot tell you how many hundreds of times we have heard people say:

"I should have come in to see you in a year ago
....or even 10 years ago
....or before they took my car or foreclosed on my home
....or before I put another mortgage on my home
....or before I wasted all that money with that debt
     counseling program
....or before I took all that money out of my 401K Plan."


Because, like most people, our clients
....have only heard bad things about bankruptcy,
....and nothing at all about all the
....good and amazing things that come with filing bankruptcy.

The truth is that Bankruptcy is very powerful
....and can benefit you in some truly amazing ways.

Bankruptcy can flat get rid of certain debts
....and I mean in a way where the debts will
     never have to be paid back.

Bankruptcy can stop repossessions,
....and it can stop foreclosures,
....and it can stop lawsuits and other legal action,
....and it can stop those nasty creditor calls.

And, truly amazing is when we show you how filing bankruptcy
....can actually help you start rebuilding your credit.
....Its true.

But you will never know
....if you don't call and find out for yourself.

In addition to this website,
....we offer a totally free 24 hour recorded debt infoline.

Just call and listen.
The number and the information are free.
In North Carolina, call toll free 1-888-610-2442.
That's 1-888-610-2442.

We also offer a totally FREE and totally CONFIDENTIAL Debt Consultation.


Because when you have more bills that you can pay,
....the last thing you need is another payment.

Are bills taking too big a bite out of your paycheck?
If so, it's time for you to do something about it,
....and the first step is to find out all your options
....and how bankruptcy really works.

Call today for a FREE Debt Consultation
....so you won't be the next person who says
...."If only I had come to see you sooner".

Call toll free +1-919-646-2654.

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