Leave A Google Review!

How To Leave Google Reviews Your Mobile Phone

The Google Maps App is available on Android and Apple devices and works pretty much the same way on both. You MUST be logged into Google Maps using your Google account or Gmail address in order to leave a review on your mobile device. Here’s a quick 8 step tutorial on how to actually login to the app!

Step 1.

If you haven't downloaded Google Maps on your Andriod or Iphone do so now on the App store then locate the app on your screen and click it.

Step 2.

Once in the app, look for the 3 parallel lines (called the “hotdog icon”) in the upper or lower left and press them to open the admin portion of the app. (Note: if you have larger fingers, be precise when clicking the "hotdog" icon.)


Step 3.

Inside the admin area, press the “settings” option to get to the login screen. IMPORTANT Side note: This is also where you can program your “work” and “home” addresses. These are good for general use of the app (but not necessary), but it is my belief that these send very strong signals as to where you as a user are more “influential” and why to Google.



You log in at the top. Either use your gmail address or the email address yo used to create your Google account. In the screenshot below I am already logged in. 



Step 4.

Now that you are logged in, search for the Law Offices of John T. Orcutt and include the city you visited that law office in the search field. For example, Law offices of John T. Orcutt, Raleigh NC.


Search for our law office in the city in which you visited (You can search for any John T. Orcutt law office).


Step 5.

Click on our law office and it will take you to our Google business page. 



Scroll down until you see the reviews. 


Step 6.

Click on the star rating (1-5) to begin writing a review!


Step 7.

Once you are finished composing your review, click the arrow at the top right of the mobile screen to submit your review. When completed, you review will appear on our Google places business page!


Thank You!!!!



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