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My Own Dad Filed Bankruptcy... Twice


That's why I started doing bankruptcy work.

John Orcutt here.

Back when...when I was trying to decide what areas of law to specialize in, I was speaking with my mom.

In the course of our I grappled with the decision as to what areas of law to concentrate in...I brought up bankruptcy law as a possibility.

Much to my surprise...and totally out of the mom turned to me and said:

"You know...your father filed bankruptcy...twice."

I said: "Your kidding," to which mom responded, "I wish I were."

And then she proceeded to tell me all about it, what all happened that caused my dad to file...not once...but twice...and how filing bankruptcy literally saved our family.

The second time was caused by a building slump. You dad was a builder. He was in the business of building 1 or 2 or 3 houses at a time, which he would then sell, and then start building another house. For years, this had worked out fine.

But then, there was a slump in the economy during which no one was buying houses. Well, the problem was that dad had taken out loans to build 3 houses, and with the houses not selling, the loans payments ate up all the money he had. Ultimately, the only way to get out from protect our family...was to file bankruptcy.

The other time...years earlier...was caused by his own mom. As I understand it...while dad was away serving our country in World War II, he turned over a couple of rental houses he owned to his mom to manage and take care of. it turns out...she took in and kept the rent doing so...she didn't pay the mortgages. So...when dad got back from the war...the houses were gone and he had a big mess on his hands. He had lost the houses to foreclosure and the banks were coming after him for all the extra money owed above what the houses sold for at foreclosure.

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Dad had no way to taking care of all this. At the time, he had a wife and 2 kids to support, and like so many returning veterans, he was struggling just to put food on the table. The only way out from our family would have any chance of a future...was to file bankruptcy.

According to mom, he didn't like having to file bankruptcy...he didn't like it at all...twice...much less once.

Like all good, hard-working people, he believed in paying his bills almost no matter what. But...according to mom...he also recognized that bad times sometimes call for bold moves and that his family was more important than his pride.

So, dad...feeling the full weight of his obligation and responsibility to his family...did what he had to do. He filed bankruptcy...that his family might have the kinds of chances that seemed to elude him...that his family would at least get a chance to start again "fresh"...untangled and free from the burden of debt. see...if your family has debt problems...I understand.

That's why I started doing bankruptcy make sure that...if you can't pay all your bills...and need a FRESH can get the same kind of "leg up" that my family got...not just it turned out...twice.

The fact is that...had it not been for the bankruptcy law...and the fresh start my family and I got...likely I would not be here talking to you now.

Do you need the kind of "leg up" that my family got?

If me.

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