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Thank YOu

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Joe Cox
My story started back in 2016. I was self-employed my job was traveling all across the U.S. doing very well then I had to have surgery on my neck and my business started to fall off and trying to keep all bills paid became too much. I seen a commercial with John Orcutt talking about there is a way out. I knew something had to be done so I contacted their office in Greensboro N.C. that's when I met Connie Nichols and what a great young lady ,she and other made me feel good about what I was doing . So after getting everything they needed I went before a federal judge scared to death however Ben Busch my attorney made things go so smooth. These folks saved me from credit cards with interest rates at 26% in the sum close to $22k saved my house and my truck. Ben also negotiated the price of my pickup from $15k to $12k. My chapter 13 payment is only $747.00 each month before I was paying almost $2000.00 each month. Sure my credit was shot to start with however after only 1 year went from 530 to 640 and still climbing. I would also like to thank Nikki West she is my post paralegal and has been so helpful and gracious to answer any questions and has also went way beyond what I was expecting. I would like to say if you are going thru a trying time and see no way out of all the bills, just call their office and sit down and discuss your situation and I bet you will be pleasantly surprised to what they can do for you. Remember there is no shame to file however if you don't the pain will continue .