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Ralph & Karen

Client Name:Ralph & Karen

Type of Case:Chapter 7

Results Achieved:

Lowered monthly payments by $1074 per month. Got rid of $33,820 in debt....debt that will never have to be paid back. Got rid of ALL the interest that would have accrued on that debt. Got rid of an unwanted and expensive timeshare on which they owed $8,459. Were able to keep all the other property they owned.


Here Is What The Client Said:

Why did you file bankruptcy?

"At the time, my wife was pregnant and it was around the time of 9/11. She wasn't able to get a job, so we had one income and couldn't pay bills. We had the kids, my work was slack. It was a lose/lose situation. Phone calls from the creditors were terrible!"


What if you had not filed?

"We were trying to keep the house, and keep the lights on. It's hard to say. We would have lost everything possibly."


How did filing bankruptcy help you and your family?

"Our situation is a lot better. The baby is two years old now and my wife is working. We are paying all our bills and we have been trying to save money. We have been trying to save 3 months of bills.....In case something happens, we will be able to pay our bills. I am glad we did what we did!"


Would you recommend bankruptcy for someone else?

"If you have kids and can't pay bills...Yes."


Would you recommend the Law Offices of John T. Orcutt?

"Yeah...oh yes....most definitely. Everything went smoothly."


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