Reduce Your Debt By 100%...The Real Deal

Reduce Your Debt By 100%...The Real Deal


Want to reduce your credit cards, personal loans, medical bills and other unsecured debt by 100%?   Then read on.

But first, it helps if you know what those 'other' companies on TV are really doing and really offering...or more truthfully, what they are NOT really doing and NOT really offering.

The bottom line is that most of the 'other' companies offering huge amounts of debt reduction and the impression that your life will be much better and so much happier...are simply lying to you.

But, don't take my word on it.   Let me prove it...right here...right now.

Lots of companies offer to reduce your debt by 60% or more.

It's not true and it's totally misleading, but they say it anyway.  They can get away with it because they are not attorneys and because there are no strong laws in place to stop or punish them.  If an attorney made such promises, based on what these companies really have to offer, the attorney would lose his law license.

Fortunately, we attorneys have something to offer, where you can really, truly get cut your debt...not just be 60%...but, in most 100%.

Just like these other companies, the kind of debt we are talking about are your credit cards and your other unsecured debts.  "Other unsecured debts" include things like personal loans and medical bills.

If you're like most people...that's exactly the kind of debt you are having trouble with.  As you can really add up.

The difference is that these other companies do not have the power of the law behind.  So, lure you in...they exaggerate and they lie.

Many of these other companies...the ones that are not just flat out scam organizations...are simply "credit counseling" outfits.  The truth is...although you will never get them to admit it...they are just collection agents, working for the credit card companies.

At best, all they can do for you is to lower your interest rates a little.  Whether they tell you or not, the truth is that you still have to pay the full underlying debt you owe, plus most of the interest.

Think about it. That doesn't really get you out of debt.  In fact, it doesn't get rid of a dime of the actual debt.  Can you see why it's just a lie when many of their ads offer to reduce your "debt" by "60% or more".

So, why do they say it.  Because it works.  False advertising always works, but it's just a lie to sucker you in to their offices and into their "credit-card-company-sponsored" debt management plans.  I'm sorry, but it's the truth.  They say it to sucker you in to their offices to make money off you.

If you are already in one of those debt management plans, you already know that what I'm saying is the truth.

It just makes me sick to see good, honest, hard-working folks...just like you...waste good money on debt management plans that have no chance of succeeding, and which only make things worse.

If you think about can see why the credit card companies love these other companies.  Every person they sucker in to one of their "debt management plans"...that's what they call them..."debt management plans"... is one more person kept out of the hands of a bankruptcy attorney.

And, every person they keep out of the hands of a bankruptcy attorney is one more person kept "in debt", one more person kept paying and paying and paying,  and one more person kept blind to the real help, the real debt relief, the real "fresh start", the real second chance that only the bankruptcy laws can provide.

So, why do they do it, you say.  Who do they lie?  Why do they exaggerate?  What's in it for them?  

The answer is always the same: Money!

What's in it for them are the "kickbacks" they get from the credit card companies.  That's how these "credit counseling" companies get paid.  They only claim to be "non-profit" organizations. It's NOT true.  Ask them.  They are paid by the credit card companies to collect money from you.  Ask them.  They call it "fair share", but it's "kickbacks", pure and simple.  The more money they get out of you, the more money they get in kickbacks. want to know what's worse?

Most people are put into debt management plans they CANNOT AFFORD.  Rather than focusing on what you can really afford, they sign you up and get you started, and you jump right in with both feet.  Why?  Because they focus on how much they can save you each month.  So, what's wrong with that?  Any kind of savings is better than nothing.  Right?  

Wrong.  Think about it.

Would you buy or buy into anything you knew you couldn't afford.  Of course not.

Why?  Because buying into something you cannot afford only makes things worse.

Can you see why they don't ever want to focus on what your income is and the full extent of your other monthly find out what you can really afford?  Doing so would show you that you can't really afford their plan, that their solution is really no solution at all.

"But they seem to really care about me and my family."  Excuse me for being a bit jaded.  They probably do care, but not always about you.  Think about it.  Isn't is just like the salesman at the retail store, who cares about you right up until he or she makes a sale.  They look you in the eye all day long and tell you how much they care about you and how much they want to help you solve your financial problems.  And maybe some do really care.  

But, let's face it, all the caring in the world does not get your out of debt....if they set you up with a payment plan you really can't afford.

So, here's some good advice.  Before you sign up with one of these debt management plan companies, sit down and do a proper budget on yourself.  You know how much you bring home each month.  Match it up with all your monthly expenses, and don't leave anything out, even those things like eating out and the things your buy at Target and Walmart and here and there.  Then, see how much money you really have left.  In most cases, you will be shocked at how little, if any, money you have left.  Think about it.  You got in debt for a reason, and it wasn't because you were spending less than what you earned.

Is doing a real, thorough, budget analysis fun?  Of course not.  And, if you would rather not do a real budget analysis, and just not think about it, that's your choice.   But, sooner or later, your family will pay the price.  That's not what you want.

Fortunately, there is another choice....Bankruptcy.

And I would know.  I have dug over 30,000 families out of debt using the powerful of the bankruptcy laws.

In the vast majority of cases, filing bankruptcy:

(1) Reduces credit card and other unsecured debts by 100%,
(2) Frees up $100's of dollars every month, and
(3) Saves hundreds of thousands of families every year from
       going under.

Unlike these other companies, we, as bankruptcy attorneys, can bring to bear the full weight of the U.S. Federal bankruptcy laws to protect you and provide you the relief you need.

If you qualify and if filing bankruptcy is right for you, can reduce your credit cards by 100%; can reduce your medical bills by 100%; and can reduce your other unsecured debts by 100%,
...just like I said. (See *)

"But, I want to pay back my creditors."  Fine, if you can afford it, we have a bankruptcy plan for that.  It's called our Debt Buster plans.  We have one where you can consolidate all your credit cards, all your medical bills and all your personal loans into one payment of just $99 per month.  If you qualify, it's just $99 per month.

Compare that to what these other companies want you to pay each month.

The Real Truth: Others only promise.  Bankruptcy actually delivers.

Let's face it.  Life if short and you have a mess on your hands or you wouldn't be reading this.

Is it time to stop being afraid of least long enough to find out for yourself and your family...just how it really works?

Is it time to stop taking the word of other people about how bankruptcy works and what it means...and...once and for all...find out for yourself?

Is it time...if need look bankruptcy square in the face...if it's the right thing for your family and your family's future?

Is it time to stop wasting time, energy and money on other things that aren't working?

Is it time to just take your licks and bite the you can get on with your life?

Is it time to finally get-your-life-back?

The first step is to at least find out how bankruptcy works.  You can and for free.

Just call and set up a totally FREE initial consultation.  The number is toll free.  Just call +1-833-627-0115 today.

Bankruptcy gets rid of debt, sure.

But that's not all that bankruptcy does.

    * Bankruptcy stops bill collectors from calling.
    * Bankruptcy can stop foreclosures.
    * Bankruptcy can stop repossessions.

Call today to set up a FREE Debt Consultation.
Just toll free +1-833-627-0115.

The bottom line: You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by finding out how bankruptcy really works and what it can do for you.

Want more information about the downside of those "debt management plans" offered by the "credit counseling" companies, and what they don't tell you when you sign up with them? Just click on the links below.

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* Result assumes you have no equity in property above available exemptions, that you pass what is known as the "Means Test", that you qualify for relief under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code, and that there are no co-signers you need to protect.

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