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Repercussions For Believing In Bankruptcy Myths


The answer is: We will make a lot of costly and harmful decisions.

The problem is that when we really believe in something, for us, it not just a belief. We think it’s the truth. It’s the truth. And, based on what we believe to be true, we make all our life decisions, big or small, today, tomorrow, the next day, and forever.   

For us, what we believe to be true is what life is all about.  What we believe to be true is how we understand life and the world around us.  It’s what our life is based on; and, it follows, our beliefs serve as the foundation for all our decisions.  It’s just the way it is.

If we ‘believe’ that some-thing or some-action is bad or wrong or will be harmful, we do our best to avoid it.  If we ‘believe’ some thing or some action is good or right or helpful, we will be drawn to it and choose it.   That’s just the way life is for us as human beings.  We make choices based on what we believe.

For example, if we believe a type of food is good for us, likely you will eat it.  If we believe a type of food is bad for us, that eating it will give us cancer, for example, we will either not eat it or at least feel bad about eating it.   

We engage in the thinking process all the time, on all levels, all day long.  It’s like we are on automatic. We choose what to do, how to act, what to eat, who to hang out with, where to go, what our goals are, etc., etc., based on what we believe to be true.

The problem comes when…as it turns out…some thing we believe to be TRUE turns out to be NOT TRUE.

And that’s where myths come in.   

A myth nothing more than a belief that is NOT TRUE.    

Myths are a terrible thing.  Myths are terrible because of the harm they cause. Myths cause harm because they give us wrong information about how things in life really work and what those things really mean.  This bad information about life forces us to make bad decisions.  Bad decisions leave us with bad results.  Bad results lock us into bad situations.  Being stuck in bad situations steals the goodness out of life.

The result: A bad outcome, a crappy life, a loss of happiness and future prosperity…all based on a beliefs that weren’t true in the first place.

The really, really, horrible thing about myths is how powerful they are.   

Remember, we all make decisions based upon what we believe and when we believe in something, we ‘know’ it to be true, whether it is or not, and once we ‘know’ something to be true, we don’t question it at all.  We believe it is true, and that’s it.   

That’s the problem with myths.  By definition, they are NOT true...they are lies...but because we think they are true, we act on them, and make decisions based on them, without question.  As a result, good people make bad life decisions, and suffer the consequences.  How horrible!

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