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Rip Up Contracts... Wipe The Slate Clean & Enjoy "Blowback" Cash!


Can't Pay Your Bills?

Can't Pay Those Credit Card?

The "next best thing" is not having to.

File bankruptcy and "wipe the slate clean'.

Helping you wipe the slate clean

....helping you get the fresh start

....allowing you to unburden your soul

....allowing your spirit to soar on re-newed hope you your life back and a second chance

....and putting things back in their proper order

is what the bankruptcy laws are all about.

Wipe the slate clean of credit card bills, medical bills and certain other unsecured debts.

Think about it. That's major.

Think of how much better off you would be tomorrow...and every day, week and month thereafter...if do did not owe any money on these types of debts.

Just think of how much better off you would be just getting out from under all your credit cards. For most people...that's huge.

Add them up and imagine them gone, gone, gone...finally, for good and forever.

Need more cash?

All that money you've been paying out on...for cards ...could come blowing back to you.

We call it "blowback cash".



That's not only relief. That's money in your pocket.


Because bankruptcy laws..."rip up" contracts.

Rips them right up into teeny, tiny pieces.

Credit Cards?

Credit card bills are just another type of contract. That's all they are...more contracts.

The same kind of contracts that the bankruptcy laws "rip up" every day.

Whether you realize it or not...there's a contract behind every one of your credit card bills.

Remember when you "checked" the box on the application. That was the contract.

Or...remember when they said "sign here"...that was you signing the contract....whether you realized it or NOT.

What's just another "bill" to a binding "contract" to the credit card companies.

And...what was supposed to make your life giving you credit...has turned on you and made your life worse wouldn't be reading this.

The bankruptcy laws "rip up" those "credit card" contracts too.

And...that's huge.

Think of your life...just like that...with no credit card bills to pay.(see**)

Without those credit cards bills to much money would you not have to pay out each month?

What are you supposed to pay: $100, $300, $600, $1000 or more each month?

File bankruptcy and all that money could come "blowing back" to you.

The bankruptcy laws "rips them up" and when it does...those bills...including credit card bills...are gone...done of you...finally, for good and forever.

Bankruptcy is Federa designed to help you get out from under the burden of debts...and

....that's what the bankruptcy laws do.

It works so'll think you have "super-powers".

And, ripping up contracts FREES UP CASH. Lots of it.

The more you've been paying out on credit cards...medical bills...and certain other unsecured debts...sometimes even old tax bills....the more cash you will have...back in your pocket.

As I said, we call it "blow back" cash, the cash that comes blowing back at your when you use the bankruptcy laws to "rip up" contracts.

If you have to have something "blow back at you"...let it be CASH.

Imagine...if you different you would feel

....perhaps light, carefree, buoyant again....for the first time in a very, very, long time.

Maybe even joyous and maybe even giddy...

....not out of arrogance for having beat up your creditors...

....but joyous and giddy for having finally found the solution

....for being able to...once again...

....put your family first...instead of last...and

....feeling like you...once again...have a life worth living

....a reason to put the spring back in your step

....a reason to look forward to each day as brand new and full of hope.

Cause for celebration...for sure. powerful...we'll find yourself thinking..."THIS CAN'T BE LEGAL"...

....but it is. It's not only legal. It's the law...

....and yours for the claiming, the plucking, the taking.

Need to wipe your slate clean?

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And, here's our promise: You will be "amazed" to find out what filing bankruptcy can do for you.

So...get ready... because you will be "amazed".

We couldn't say it if it wasn't true.

Are debts holding you back?

How long are you willing to wait to get to where your friends are now?

There is another way!


The fact is that "Bad Times Call For Bold Moves"...and times don't get any "badder" than these.

Make sure your family survives no matter how bad it gets.

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