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Sanford, North Carolina,  was incorporated on February 11, 1874.  Sanford was named for C.O. Sanford, a railroad civil engineer instrumental in the building of the rail lines through the area.  In 1947, Sanford merged with Jonesboro. The downtown area of Jonesboro became known as Jonesboro Heights.  Having two distinct city centers gives Sanford the unique pleasure of having two downtowns, Jonesboro Heights and Downtown Sanford. With the merger of the two incorporated towns of Jonesboro and Sanford, a new municipal charter was adopted and the official name became the City of Sanford.

Sanford, NC, population 23,220, is the county seat of Lee County. Sanford occupies a prime location in Lee County. The white beach sand from the coast meets the Piedmont clay, making the city a prime area for the production of clay bricks. In 1959, Sanford produced 10 percent of the bricks in the United States and was named "Brick Capital of the USA."

The Temple Theatre is Sanford and Lee County’s number one year-round tourist attraction. Built in 1925, this historic theatre was less than half a block from the railroad depot and served as an entertainment stop for traveling shows and the stars of vaudeville.

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