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Siler City, North Carolina was chartered on March 7, 1887.  The town started to develop after the establishment of the railroad between Sanford and Greensboro in 1884. A train depot, along that railroad in Western Chatham County, was named Siler Station after Samuel Siler, who had donated the land for the depot. 

Siler City, population 6,966, is located in Chatham County at the junction of US 64 & US 421 in central North Carolina. Siler City is the largest city in Chatham County.

While Siler City has historically been an agricultural town, today the main source of employment is manufacturing, with over 40 percent of Siler City's residents employed in the manufacturing sector. This has provided rapid growth of the town over the last few years. Rapid growth has not altered the residents' view of the town as a quaint little town and a close-knit community with a large Hispanic population.

Siler City, NC is a prime example of southern charm, like the town's most notable resident, Frances Bavier (1902-1989), an actress best remembered for her role as Aunt Bee on The Andy Griffith Show, a 1960's television sitcom set in the fictional North Carolina town of Mayberry.

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