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Stop Bill Collectors Cold! Stop Harassing Phone Calls! Bill Collectors! How to Stop them cold!

Bill Collectors want only one thing from you! Money! Money is the only thing that will stop them from calling you...and writing you....unless you have an Attorney! If you have an Attorney, you at least have someone to tell you the truth about what the Bill Collector legally can and cannot do. And this takes away the ability of the Bill Collector to use scare tactics on you.
Then, once you get your bankruptcy case filed....that's it. The Bill Collectors have to Stop....COLD! By filing you in bankruptcy.....we take the Monkey off your back and give you some breathing space....because....after you file...the Bill Collector has to contact us. After you file, it is illegal for the Bill Collector to continue any collection efforts. And...that means no more nasty calls, no more "dunning" letters, no more calls at work....and more sleepless nights.
After you file...You simply refer all Bill Collector calls over to us! You then hang up and we handle the rest! Bill Collectors hate this. You know why? It's simple. Now the Bill Collectors have to talk to our Attorneys....and they hate it because they know that our Attorneys know the law! They know they can't push around our Attorneys or get their way using misinformation, illegal threats, or scare tactics. Once you file, the Bill Collectors are no longer in control. YOU ARE!
Not all Bill Collectors are nasty and use scare tactics...we know that....but from our assured that the Bill Collectors don't have your best interest in mind....and forget about them helping you through a difficult time! They only want money!
Using bankruptcy...You can get the help you need....and deserve....and get the Bill Collectors off your back. It's Federal Law and it's your legal right!

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Stop Harassing Phone Calls!

Anyone who has ever been the victim of nasty or harassing phone calls from the Bill Collectors knows that those calls can be not only bothersome, but.... in many cases....extremely unsettling, frightening and even intimidating. Questions arise in your mind. Can they really do what they threaten? Can they really come take my stuff? It is O.K. for them to call me at work? Do I have to put up with this? Don't I get credit for all the payments I have made over the years?

Worse still is the name calling. Nobody likes to be called a deadbeat or a loser, but that's just what some Bill Collectors do. You always paid your bills in the past. You work hard. You are honest. You don't deserve this treatment.

The bottom line is that the Bill Collector our experience....say whatever it takes to get you to write a check. And....the more the Bill Collector gets the impression that you are uncomfortable....the more the Bill Collector likes it. Why? The Bill Collector knows you want to pay your bills....and that you feel terrible if you don't...and the Bill Collector feeds off of this. The more uncomfortable the Bill Collector can make you, the more likely you will write him a check....just to get him off your back. You's all about money. It always is. Think about it. Nice Bill Collectors who feel sorry for people don't stay in the business. So, who's left....the ones who just don't care about you or what you think.

Worst of all are the embarrassing calls you get at work. These calls are not only embarrassing. If the calls continue, they can lose you your job. So what do you do?

Want to stop those harassing phone calls? You can, but it may take filing bankruptcy. What's the alternative? If you don't file's more or less open season on you and your feelings. The nasty calls keep coming....and even though the law says Bill Collectors can only call you at certain times and certain places....these rules get violated our experience...every day, on a regular basis. Why? Because these laws are hard to enforce and don't have the "teeth" they should. The penalties for violating them are small compared to the money to be collected by violating them. And this all assumes you can figure out who made the call and from where. Is it any wonder than some Bill Collectors use fake names and that many Bill Collectors call from outside your State. Who are you going to sue? You don't really know who called you.

Filing bankruptcy changes all that. The Federal Bankruptcy laws are so powerful that even nasty Bill Collectors come under control. You file and calls come to a halt...taking only the days or weeks necessary for word to make it to the Bill Collectors. How does this happen? As soon as you file, the Bankruptcy Court issues an order telling all Bill Collectors to leave you alone...and they do. Why? Because nobody wants to be dragged in front of a Federal Judge upon a Contempt of Court charge.

If you can't pay all your bills, and the calls at home and work have gotten out of control....and you're stressed to the have a choice. Do nothing and live with the stress....or look into filing bankruptcy...and STOP THE CALLS COLD.

Collect Money From Nasty Bill Collectors:

If a bill collector goes over the line and abuses you, it's illegal. And you have rights, under laws like the Federal and State Fair Debt Collections Act.  That's right.  You can sue them, and we can help.

Have you been harassed and abused by a bill collector. Well, maybe it's time to fight back.  How better to stop the nasty bill collector and teach him a lesson, than to make him pay money to you.

If you are being harassed by a bill collector, call us. We may be able to help.  Get in touch with us and we will show you what we can do.  Just like with our bankruptcy services, the first consultation is totally FREE.  You have nothing to lose.

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